It’s actually been four or five nights since I slept well; I really can’t tell you how long because the nights are running together. At first, as always, I blamed the baby. But that’s not fair because he actually sleeps pretty well, as far as babies are concerned. On that note, it is such a […]

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Taylor-Heads (.. It needs work.)

I just imagine them, entangled in bedsheets, lanky limbs draped over eachother as afternoon light spills in through slatted blinds, just singing and humming and playing with chord structures and eachother’s hair.

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Treadmill TV

So I spend a couple of hours on a treadmill a week, and it involves a lot of bad TV. Can we talk about what has NOT held up well over time? Sex & the City. I watched an hour of that trite, awful bullshit, spending most of it absolutely cringing with embarrassment for Carrie. […]

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Pho Sho

My former-boss-current-friend Amanda took me to try pho some weeks back. I had heard of such a dish and was intrigued by its siren song of many toppings/additions, but my family is more of the “Are their chicken fingers on the menu?” type, so we never tried any. One day, she and her husband (current-coworker) […]

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This is for you, Caroline.

The truth is that I was going to write more this year. That was what I said in January, and we’re five months down the road. Oops. I miss writing, but mostly I miss being the kind of woman who had her shit together in order to be funny. Those were good times! A mention […]

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