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The Boys And My Plans for Them

The boys are all busy. 

Vinnie’s been trying out The Little Gym; Miss Angel (who also taught Tony) is living up to her name by way of unending patience and energy.

Tony is, like, halfway to a ninja or something now. 

And we don’t have a picture of it because, you know, we don’t use our phones in the car while driving, but Jack procured his learner’s permit last week, so he’ll soon be driving our getaway cars. 

So far, our plan to be Ocean’s Fourteen is right on track. Gymnast, ninja, getaway driver, femme fatale, and George Clooney lookalike – we do need an Eliot Gould, if anyone’s up to the task.

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We’re Coming Out.

Bryan and I looked at eachother a month ago and decided: we’re ready to emerge. 

Crawling out from the haze that is New Baby Brigadoon, you reach a point where you realize that things are easier. Not easy, God no, never easy. But easier. Do-able. 

So Bryan got a new job – returning to his first love, teaching technical theatre to kids – and I joined some nonprofit boards around town to give back to groups I adore.

Then I got crazy and decided that, you know, let’s get the kids busy too! Jack’s already got lacrosse, so Tony? Tony gets karate (which, you guys, I cry at every time because he is just SO PROUD OF HIMSELF). 

And because the youngest one is REALLY the one who needs ALL of the discipline, Vinnie starts gymnastics soon. 

We’re even getting crazy and talking about HAVING PEOPLE OVER. Frankly, I miss having my village around, and Bryan .. well, Bryan is not a village person (HA), but he could see the benefits. 

So we’re gonna be people again. This is exciting stuff, guys. 

Um, anyone want to have dinner with the socially-stunted Brown-Comers?

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