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So I Can Do Anything for Thirty Days

Man, I owe y’all an update. I have a million posts that run through my head on a daily basis – in the car as I drive, at night when I can’t sleep, in the early morning hours when I’m the only one up.

Really, I owe you a post about Vinnie’s one year birthday. The child turned one year old on June 7th (which is several weeks ago, mind you) and NOTHING. In fact, even Bryan asked me that night, “Hey, um, do you even write on your blog anymore? What about for a birthday? I kind of miss reading your stuff.”

That’s really sweet, honey. And I should write about that child. And I will. Soon.

But I have this thing that if I don’t get down on paper, if I don’t make it public and make myself publicly accountable for it, I will ignore the thought and the conviction and everything else that is good behind it.

In July, I’m revamping my life.

Just one month. Thirty days. I need a jump start, and I no longer have the “I just had a baby” excuse.

So! ::clap clap:: For the month of July, I am exercising self-care by:

  • Drinking only coffee (one cup a day, with coconut oil and one packet of sweetener), water, and unsweet tea (with no sweetener)
  • Starting a finishing a book (and I am taking recommendations!)
  • Reading every night with Tony (we started The BFG last week)
  • Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, every day
  • Sticking as close to “clean eating” as is realistic
  • Going to bed when I’m tired

Pretty easy, right? Thirty days! That’s it!

I have had BABIES. I can do ANYTHING for thirty days.

A friend that I went to school with is now a BeachBody coach and she’s invited me to a Facebook group that shares clean recipes, grocery lists, meal plan ideas, and whatnot. It’s actually been a really great reminder that normal people can accomplish this. (Also – has anyone tried Shakeology? I’ve been using Isagenix for the last month for my breakfast, but I’m wondering if I should take the plunge.)(I do really like Isagenix, if you were curious.)

If any of you have any hints, cookbooks, what have you on clean eating for a normal person/family chef, I’m all ears!

Okay, also – I have a business trip mid July, so I’m saying that I may drink something other than coffee or water or unsweet tea on said trip. But I will make a concerted effort to eat clean! (New Orleans, man. You gotta have a hurricane.)(Or four.)

But that’s my plan. Thirty days, with a major kick to my own ass.


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