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Just Some Random Stuff

So, let’s see. Some stuff.

Well, first and foremost, the bathroom of hell? Is done.

Even this doesn’t do it justice.

This bathroom was so atrocious that we don’t even have Before pictures to share with you. It was bad. Royal blue, textured walls with this sky-blue “marble” countertop on top of a monstrous, “original” vanity. Linoleum your grandmother would be embarrassed of. It was terrible.

My husband is a miracle worker, is what I’m saying here. He did all of it himself, hand to God, with me only supervising in the way of picking out everything before he installed it. The bathroom feels luxurious now, and I’ve actually taken three baths. (I have bathed in that room exactly once before the remodel. In four years.)


The tall ones are the coaches, FYI.

So we’re now officially into soccer season, even though the first game was cancelled due to rain. Tony takes soccer VERY seriously and MY GOD no one will get a ball into his goal. I’m not even sure he’s supposed to be playing goalie, but he knows at least that much of the rules, so he’s dedicated to the cause. Uncle Dude and Aunt Gee (whom he suddenly calls “Michael” and “Jenni”, like some sort of ADULT) are fantastic coaches who make the sport way more fun than it probably should be. The best part is that we all go to dinner together after Tuesday night’s practice, and we always stay out too late.

Tony loves practice, but AFTER practice is when the party happens.

Who cares if you win when you’re having fun, am I right?

A really big butternut squash.

The baby – Vinnie – is progressing nicely, although he is quite the excited little man. About thirty weeks is when you start wondering if he’s trying to find his way out, Alien-style, and when that didn’t go the way he wanted, I worried that he was trying to claw out using the preferred route. He’s active, way more active than I remember Tony being, but I also don’t remember what I had for dinner last night, so maybe my memory is not up to par is what I’m saying.

I go back to the doctor in a week or so, which kicks off my every-other-week appointments, and I’ll probably start looking at maternity leave at that point. I like how everyone asks me when I’m leaving, like, you know, I’m rich or something and can just say, “Oh, when we away to my summer home, I suppose,” but in reality, it’s whenever the leave is paid for.

And I can’t even complain about that, because do you know that most Americans don’t have paid maternity leave? That’s the truth. The scary, terrible truth.

Related to nothing.

Lastly: isn’t this headline amazing? I read it way early in the morning last week and thought it was my lack of caffeine that was impairing me. But no. I think I read it the right way.


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Casa de Brown Comer

It’s been awhile since I’ve graced these pages, which is mainly depressing because I’m the ONLY one who graces these pages. It’s MY blog, for Pete’s sake, which means that someone – named SARAH LENA – should write something here occasionally.

Let’s see if I can get you adequately caught up.

We had a punch list of things to do before the baby (get the house listed/sold, buy a new house, buy a new car.. each of those having a subset punch list, obviously), but the one thing we have done is get Bryan a new job. He started on Monday of this week, and it’s an exciting venture. He’ll be working in the same industry, just back in a locally-owned, small-business kind of environment, which is what he prefers. (Not me, boy! Give me that corporate teat any day!)

I took a trip last week with our Leadership Connect class and it was amazing. We focused on state government and visited Montgomery and the timing couldn’t have been more ideal: a very controversial education bill had been signed, then put into injunction, then a temporary restraining order was filed.. oh, it was better than Judge Judy, y’all. It was AMAZING. As much as I love law – seriously, had I the time and the funds, I would start law school TOMORROW – the politics were almost as much fun. The spin, the lobbying, the inability to get a straight answer? SERIOUSLY, WOULD DO IT EVERY DAY.

Seriously – we played “Keep the Balloon Off the Ground” for probably about an hour.

However, on that trip, my body was all WTF, Sarah, this is too much! and my legs and feet and arms swelled to the point that I suddenly lacked ANY footwear that would fit. I figured I would rest over the weekend and all would be well by Monday.

Well, then some blood pressure issues surfaced and the doc was all, “Bedrest! For a few days – FOR NOW.” (Cue the Dun, dun, dunnnn!) So I’ve spent the majority of this week with my feet up, downing water like a dehydrated camel, and just generally praying that today’s appointment means I’m allll better.

One of my mentors at work received a promotion that took him out of our division and got him a much better gig, so we threw him a celebration dinner last Friday. Since I didn’t have any shoes that would fit, I debated not going, but I am SO glad I did. You guys, I really wish everyone has the opportunity to sit in a room of folks they’ve admired for so many years and see the love and dedication they all have. Space exploration typically brings out the hippies, but this night was so full of love and inspiration that I wanted to go to work the next day. ON A SATURDAY. We have a rocket to build!

Typical day.

The children outside of my womb are doing fine, for the most part. I think things are starting to come to a head on the school front for Jack – which, honestly, I’m ready for ANY momentum on that front – so we’ll see where that takes us. In the meantime, we’re gearing up for kindergarten interviews for Tony. Because he’s suddenly Grown. Tony also started soccer (with Uncle Dude coaching), and Jack has stepped in as an assistant coach. I can’t tell you how much I love this. Last night, they had practice, and then everyone went to eat dinner together and play trivia at a local Mexican joint. It was such a nice time.

Asst. Coach Jack and ToCo

Bryan started remodeling the boys’ bathroom as an attempt to get our Sell the House punch list down, but then he got a new job, and it’s been sitting in a state of flux for .. too long. I’m starting to have pregnancy dreams about it, to be honest. I fear that we’re going to be a family on one of the HGTV self-remodel horror stories. (And I’m okay with that if they COME FIX IT FOR ME.)

Bryan, braving the plumbing.

The child inside my womb is progressing nicely. He’s an active little mofo, which I say with total love and adoration. (But Momma wouldn’t hate it if you calmed down JUST a tad, dude.) It’s constant Tae Bo up in my uterus. We have a name picked out – Jonathan Vincent – and a nickname, because none of our children go by given names – Vinnie – and a registry. We also have him on a list for daycare. Outside of that? WE HAVE NOTHING READY FOR HIM. (We also have a due date: June 9th. Which means we have PUHLENTY of time to clear out a drawer in our bedroom for him to sleep in, right?)

Who’s hungry?

Here’s my question to you: why is all maternity stuff so low-cut? Do manufacturers realize that one of the “perks” of pregnancy is that your rack doubles in size? So suddenly a v-neck – no matter how modest when not pregnant – qualifies you as a Hooters girl? (No offense to Hooters girls, seriously. You’re doing good work there.) Or why are they sheer? I understand wanting to be light-weight, since I’ve hit the point that I’m in sweating-all-the-time mode, but GEEZ. Don’t make me layer. That just makes things even MORE warm. Low-cut and sheer: the bane of my maternity wardrobe’s existence.

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