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I’m So Sorry, Y’all.

I couldn’t even REMEMBER what my last post was. Or when I’d written it. Life has been hopping lately. And not even in a bad way – although there have been plenty of times when I’d love to just have a serious sobfest, but WHO HAS THE TIME? – just in a ERMAGHERD WITH THE CHAOS! kind of way. Bryan was out of town the majority of last week, which initially made me think that I’d get serious, uninterrupted sleep. Instead, it meant I did classwork and work-work until midnight or later every night. This week, he’s home, but it hasn’t been a whole lot better.

Here are bullets because I cannot put a complete post together and I’M SO SORRY, Y’ALL.

  • So, school. Yeah, that’s happening. And I was fulfilling an assignment last week when I stopped and actually did an Academic Advising plan to get me through to graduation. And then I cried, because I’d have to take (at least) 12 hours in every semester (including summers) to graduate by FALL 2015. That’s three freakin’ years, y’all. AS A FULL TIME STUDENT. I .. am dubious.
  • So then I had this reality check with myself. Is taking 12 hours a semester really SO important that I need to kill myself for three years over it? Or can I just admit defeat and only take three classes a semester? Because, y’all. I am in the easy, core classes right now. Twelve hours is kicking my ass.
  • So, work. I suddenly long for the days when my biggest commitment was work. But it helps that I really do love my job, and I like the people I work with, and things could be WAY worse there. I just know I’ve hit a ceiling (ironically, due to my lack of education) that I can’t get past until I have a degree. Which is fueling my insane course-load.
  • After I posted last time about not having any time, my fabulous sister Gee offered to pick Tony up two afternoons a week. It should not make that much of a difference, but just being able to focus until 5:45 or later without feeling guilty about Tony made SUCH A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. I studied, got caught up on work, and took a test.
  • One night last week, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed that I decided to take a night off. I wasn’t going to work or study or anything. I was going to sit and watch a movie. (Cabin in the Woods, which I OH SO HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Freaking amazing, that flick.) So I watched that movie, and enjoyed the hell out of myself, and then I went to bed. And woke up the next morning and realized I had missed the deadline on an assignment. BECAUSE I TOOK A BREAK. (I cried.)
  • I have a whole other post to write about exercise and weight. I KNOW, YOU’RE ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT.
  • I got moved to a new office at work, which was for no other reason than to consolidate and maximize available space, but my new office has a window, and it’s SO FREAKING AMAZING.
  • My employer has a yearly incentive program that supplies us with a pedometer, and if we log so many steps every day for a month, we get a giftcard for new shoes. Check these babies out.

  • On Sunday, after I’d finished two hours of homework, and before I started another three hours of homework, we all went off to our local pumpkin patch. It was a gorgeous day and I needed the fresh air, and even though we got lost in a corn maze for ALMOST AN HOUR, it was totally the best part of my weekend.

  • I leave you with a completely unrelated picture of Mabel after she was groomed last week. Mabel is now thirteen years old, and they have never ever put a bow on her. Ever. I squeeeeed like a fangirl when I picked her up. (The bow lasted all of ten minutes, but when you only have boys.. you’ll take what you can get!)

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