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Skulls & Stripes

Every year, around this time (but I think it might have been later last year), I sit down at my browser window and completely outfit the boys for the winter.

I do it one fell swoop, because it seems my boys grow at a rate of speed in perfect alignment with the seasons: come a new weather pattern, and they’ve grown a size. (Silly growing boys.)

In fact, even now, we’ve started pulling out our long-sleeved or long-pants pajamas and noticing that they’re a bit .. tight on Tony. His belly is on prominent display, even. (Oh, to be four again and not care that your belly is exposed! Or, to be my husband and not care that your belly is exposed! So, then, to be a man and not care that ..)

And while I will NEVER buy clothes for myself from this place, I do it all at Old Navy. Every year. I’ve spent more money on their boys departments than I have on cable in the last year. Here’s why I do it:


Logos are a personal pet-peeve of mine, because I remember growing up and being envious of Timberlands or Gap or whatever, because I? Was wearing KMart clothes. (Kathy Ireland line, if you MUST know.) And in the grand scheme of things, I really didn’t spend evenings agonizing over it or whatever, but it is something I remember.

(In fact, I remember when I was 18, my mom bought me a pair of Lucky jeans. I haven’t been able to wear them since I was .. probably 19, but NO KIDDING I just got rid of them LAST WEEK.)

So I am not really big into clothing being a loud-and-proud walking billboard for my kids.

Not only that, but Jack attends a private school where they 1) need to dress “church appropriate” once a week and 2) cannot wear anything with skulls on it. I don’t know if you’ve checked the boys’ section OH ANYWHERE lately, but the skulls? Overrun the clothes. (Along with dirt and bugs. They are on EVERYTHING.) In fact, I was just filling my car with the boys’ winter selections and I thought this pair of pants looked nice:

But then I happened to (luckily!) click on an alternate view and:


Also, I seem to have this obsession with stripes. I LOVE THE BOYS IN STRIPES. Well, it also makes everything look so much more pulled-together, you know what I mean? If I buy a shirt that’s got a couple of colors of stripes in it, chances are they can pair pretty much any pair of pants with it and it looks nice. That’s a nice reassurance when I have a four-year old who’s hellbent on matching.

My obsession is pretty obvious whenever we have family portraits done, isn’t it?

Courtesy Diana Klingler Photography

Courtesy Miss Zoot

Also, it is SO CUTE when THEY match. (Accidentally, on purpose.)

(I’m joining in on the stripey action here.)

I was telling someone this morning that while, sure, obviously, I’d love a daughter to play dress up with, I LOVE boys because they just wear whatever I buy for them! There’s no fighting or ego or anything (because I make them look GOOOOOOD), and then it’s just DONE.

I really had no point to any of this other than, Honey, expect some packages on the doorstep soon.

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