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Grab a Chair and Stay Awhile

Oh, guys, I’m so SORRY it’s been so long! I feel like I haven’t talked to you in AGES.

So, um, I’m a little busy lately. I mean, I’m ALWAYS busy, but lately, it really and truly feels like I never get a spare moment. Like, I’ve been getting up at 4:30 a.m. (AY-EM!) every morning so I have enough time to get stuff done. And I haven’t been running at all, which is killing my soul.

I feel like I have so much to catch you up on. Which is horrible grammar. But.


  • We took a picnic on Sunday, which is JUST what the doctor ordered. The weather was gorgeous, nice and crisp and cool, and so we went up on the mountain with some Subway sandwiches and we relaxed. Tony played on the playground, Jack and Bryan threw the frisbee, and then we all went wandering down whatever path the boys chose.

  • Friday I went and got my hair did, and Hillary and I both agree that Haircut Day should be a holiday. Hillary says to follow the appointment up with book and sunshine, but I countered that a Girls’ Night Out is in order. (Because, ahem, I only look THIS good once a month!)
  • Random diversion here, but – yesterday was National Suicide Prevention Day and I meant to write something for that. There are so many resources out there for you if you are contemplating taking your own life – please PROMISE ME that you will try at least two of those before you decide the only way to go is out. Because it’s not. Don’t.
  • One thing about my life that makes me sad (boo hoo for Sarah) is that I take a LOT of pictures. Which means I’m rarely ever in them. I don’t have many pictures of me with the kids, or me with the animals, or me.. at all. Which is fine, for the most part – I’m not building a modeling portfolio – but I am sad that I don’t have many pictures of me with the kids or with family. Which is why I was over-the-moon happy that a random kind stranger made me get in the picture on Saturday night.

Thanks, Random Kind Stranger!

  • How do you smile in pictures? I.. sort of hate smiling in pictures. I hate my teeth. (I have itty bitty baby teeth.) So my smile is forced if my teeth are exposed. At my birthday luncheon, everyone was mocking Tony’s “picture smile” when Jenni pointed out that I DO IT TOO. And then this picture. Yep. It’s me. I did it to him.
  • (It’s fair to mention that I had just pounded a frozen sangria because the boys were tired of sitting in one place, so I maaaaaaay have been a little tipsy here.)
  • Ooh, here’s the Before picture.

Courtesy Bryan Comer Pics

  • Hey, wanna know what I looked like every time it was Jenni’s birthday until I was 31 older?

Someone is REALLY enjoying Momma’s birthday.

  • And, lastly, because I’m STILL SO STOKED ABOUT IT, I got a late birthday present!

I couldn’t tell you the carat weight, and it’s a blah-de-blah cut or whatever, but it’s PLATINUM, which means I have worn it almost 24/7 since Friday without a SINGLE HINT OF GREEN. Bryan also won’t tell me how much he spent on it, because since we’ve been married, he’s offered to buy me a platinum ring a couple of times, but the MONEY. Gah, we could spend the money on so many better things! Worthier things! Had he given me this ring when he proposed, I probably would’ve said no, in all honesty. I’d rather him spend that money on the kids. But he did this without asking, and it’s perfect, and I love it, and I stare at it frequently. LOVE THIS RING.

(My favorite part is that the diamond is recessed into the setting, which I initially was not a fan of, but it’s AWESOME. Doesn’t catch on ANYTHING and I don’t worry about a prong coming loose and losing the diamond.)

  • I lied. It’s not lastly. This is. Someone had a CASE OF THE MONDAYS.


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