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How’s School Going?

Well, I’ll tell you.

I quickly remembered why I never did school the first time around. Or, honestly, the second time around. Because it is FULL OF INEFFICIENCY THAT STIFLES MY VERY BEING.

I was all excited. Like, I was genuinely ready to start this endeavor and focus and streamline and get ‘er done! and all that. And then I realized that I didn’t know what to do.


Well, it’s simple! Just log-on to this online system!

(Oh, wait. What? You have a computer made after 2006? You’ll need to load some older versions of software like Java and Adobe that are no longer available online since it’s now 2012.)

Oh, good. You  made it. Now, here’s where you click for your course.

(Wait. Just a second. We actually have two different platforms for online classes. Your classes will be split between them. You’ll only know which is in where after logging in to both and trying to get in to the courses.)

(Oh, and. The two different platforms? Have different computing requirements. Some are contradictory. SORRY ABOUT THAT!)

Well, hey! You  made it to the course data. Here’s your syllabus. Oh, and, sorry for the confusion, but there’s actually two MORE platforms you’ll use within these courses. But not all of them.

(Oh, hang on. These actually have two more different computing requirements. So, yeah, sorry. You’ll need to log on initially in IE6 to take the module about IE9, and you’ll need to open that module within Firefox because it’s not compatible with IE.)

Time for your first test! Time flies! Have you studied?

(Oh, one note. These questions are created randomly by the online learning system. They may not be actually reflected in your assigned text. Hope you’re okay with that.)

(Oh, and there are three questions on this one test on that learning platform that are not functioning correctly. Tech support has been alerted, but don’t answer those three. I can’t tell you which ones, since it’s randomly generated. But you should be able to tell.)

Did you get the communication from the professor?

(It’s either on a discussion board for that one class or in your school email or in that learning platform’s message system or this learning platform’s unique email system. And it contained assignment information that was due yesterday.)

Be sure you log-on to take that assessment for a grade!

(The log-on screen seems to be having some issues today. And yesterday. Tomorrow’s not looking too good either. Just keep checking, because we know you have the time.)


Of course, it’s not this bad all the time. After all, it’s only been two weeks.

Admittedly, I had a wrench thrown into my life when our internet unexpectedly went out last Wednesday and the soonest they could get out to repair it ended up being tomorrow. So all of my day off on Friday was spent taking tests at my parents’ house, and I ended up having to get up early on my morning away from kids and pets to finish up some coursework and work-work.

I am a bit stressed, is what I’m saying here.

There’s a saying in running, and it’s what I keep telling myself here –

You have to get through your first wind before you’ll get a second wind.

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