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Very In-Depth Reviews of Stuff I’ve Bought Lately.

I don’t know why, but I wanted to have a more in-depth version of Stuff I’ve Bought Lately, and with these very specific products. I DON’T KNOW WHY.

But when the urge strikes, might as well go with it.

I mentioned how taken I was with the Brookstone BioSense Memory Foam Pillow in a recent Stuff I’ve Bought Lately, but at the time, I hadn’t bought it. I was just coveting it from afar, hoping someone would love me enough to buy it for me. SPOILER ALERT: THEY DON’T. So I went and bought one myself.

Guys, this stuff is made up ground up baby unicorns and leprechaun farts, because it is that magical and awesome.

Now, this pillow has not so great reviews online. Which makes me sad. But I also think it’s for a very specific kind of sleeper. This pillow is very HIGH. It is soft and supportive, but it does not collapse as, say, a down pillow would. For this reason, I think my husband? Would not like this pillow. He likes soft pillows. I, on the other hand, would sleep on two phone books stacked up on top of eachother if it kept my head in line with my spine. I am also rarely a back sleeper – I prefer my side or stomach.

So basically, if you notoriously stack pillows (I would – no lie – sleep on two or sometimes three pillows), this may be a great pillow for you. Also, it breathes easily and stays cool, so I don’t find myself waking up in the night to rearrange to find a “cool side”, which is something I didn’t realize I was doing until I bought this pillow.

Now, for most folks, this is not the right pillow. But if you’re like me, this is AWESOME.

I saw this in the store a week or so ago and did a double take. Did this look what I thought it looked like? Is this a drugstore Wen? And, y’all, IT TOTALLY IS. It’s apparently pretty new as I couldn’t easily find it online, but it’s called L’Oreal EverCreme Conditioning Cleanser. And it’s a one-step process for hair.

Now, I’ve reviewed Wen and I actually stopped using it after about six or seven months. 1) the cost was just pretty crazy. It was great for conserving color and my hair was in much better condition, but THE COST. 2) I don’t remember the other reason. So I was curious to pit this against the standard.

I’ve now used this for over a week and here’s what I think: it’s pretty darn close to the real thing.

I do have some drawbacks however.

  • There are no specific directions for use of this product. Only because I’ve used Wen before do I know that for best results, you section off your hair in quarters for application and then comb it through. I don’t even think it says that much on the bottle.
  • There is very little product in the bottle. You’re easily going to put 2-3 pumps in each quartered-section of your hair .. maybe more if you have really long or thick hair. This bottle may not last very long as a result.
  • The pump itself is not good. It’s a struggle to get product out.

BUT. Dude, you’re paying $6 vs. the $45 I was paying per bottle. And I’ve seen the same results from it. If you have dry, curly, or color-treated hair (or, like me, ALL OF THE ABOVE), this will be a savior product for you. Also, I took a shower yesterday using this product and the shower took me five minutes total. (I did not shave, but STILL.)

I don’t have very specific feelings for this product, and that kind of makes me sad. Although I’m a huge fan of the PerriconeMD No Foundation Foundation, my outdoor running had me actually .. looking .. tan(nish)! It was weird! So I delighted in that and decided to buy a little something with color to it and live it up with the Mabelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.

(Then I promptly got bronchitis and have not seen the sun since.)

Anyway, I bought this in Light/Medium which is what most people wear over the winter. I know that. But this is my Summer-And-I’ve-Never-Been-This-Dark shade. It’s an okay product, but everyone had been going so ga-ga over bb creams (beauty balms, for the uninitiated) that I kind of expected more. But it’s basically a liquid foundation with some SPF in it. It’s not nearly as heavy or drying as I find most foundations, so I can actually wear it, but I don’t feel dewy or perfect in it. Meh. Just meh. Would not buy again, honestly.

This is not something I’ve bought lately, because I haven’t bought one. YET. I borrowed my mom’s Haan FS20 Steam Mop this week when I finally got tired of being sick and was convinced that my house was part of the problem. (Pro Tip: Do not steam clean floors while you’re running a fever. YOU WILL DIE.)

Anyway, I took this bad boy home and cleaned and sanitized the kitchen and all bathrooms. I would’ve loved to have gotten our living room as well, but Momma Is Sick, Kids. But it was SO easy to use, incredibly lightweight, and BOY HOWDY does it get nice and hot. I think my experience would’ve been improved with two pads (I just took one with me for the trial run), but my floors are STILL squeaky-clean (seriously, OUR SHOES SQUEAK) days later. I want one.

Q&A Time: Does anyone own one of these? It’s a Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum and y’all, it looks SO AMAZING. And it’s gotten insanely good ratings online. Since we have three dogs and two cats (and two boys), this may take precedence over the steam mop. But I thought I’d ask if anyone had any first-hand experience.

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