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Dr. Adams of Sesame Street, Property Owner & Storyteller

I’ve had a pretty crazy week this week, most of it hinging on the fact that I’ve had the flu. Under the best of circumstances – you have sick leave available, you have understand and compassionate tax write-offs in your home – the flu sucks. Under this week’s circumstances – no opportunity to take sick leave, children recently recovered from said flu who seem to have some sort of flu-induced amnesia – it was HELLISH.


Since I am drained of most things creative and awesome, I am going to borrow a writing prompt from Michelle over at Not Raising Brats. I met Michelle and her BFF Hillary at The Blathering last year and I’ve loved reading their stuff ever since.

Michelle got to day-dreaming earlier this week about her dream job. Which got me thinking about mine.

Honestly, at first I was all I love what I do now! .. which, believe it or not, is true. For the most part. I love the program I support and I love the folks I work with. Are there things I wish I could adjust about it? Yes, sure. But they’re minor. So, um, I’m okay with my job.

Which was a REALLY BORING ANSWER, SARAH. So I started thinking about jobs that I wish I could have but I can’t because I am not at all qualified.

Sesame Street Outreach Coordinator. Hello, I’m Sarah, and I’m an Outreach Coordinator for Sesame Street Workshop! Doesn’t that sound AMAZING? It combines two of my all-time favorite loves: Jim Henson and children. Seriously, I can think of few endeavors that would have my heart and soul more than this fictional position. I’m even specific about it being with Sesame Street Workshop and not Muppets – I am of a firm opinion that Sesame Street has remained more closely aligned with the Henson ideals than Muppets have. Frank Oz, I think, would agree with me. And I would love the opportunity to work with the Make-a-Wish Foundation in bringing terminally ill children to meet their favorite characters.

Dr. Patch Adams. So, there are many reasons I can never have this job. Obviously. But I loved the premise and, again! Children! And laughter! And healing! And these things are obviously important to me. I am such a huge believer in quality of life and making sure that even ill children have laughter and love in their lives. (I’m the weird one who volunteers to accompany pets to be euthanized when no one else will. I just .. I just think it helps to have someone there who loves them, you know?)

Storyteller at a hands-on children’s museum. Oh, seriously. SERIOUSLY. I would not only BE AMAZING at this job, but I would love every single minute of it. But I would specifically like to work with youngish, school-age children: having worked in a kids’ museum before, I think there is this very special and magical spark of imagination in kids from age 4-10, and it’s just an important time to grab on to that and set it aflame. If their love of learning is never ignited at that age, you’ve lost them. Because – TRUST ME – at eleven, they are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

Owner of Several Hundred Acres on Which I Could Adopt All the Puppies. What?

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