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Some Stuff I’ve Bought Lately: Stuff Edition

When I am having a bad day/week/what have you? TIME TO GO SHOPPING.

Things I have bought lately:

At the encouragement of Metalia, I picked up the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Grapevine, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. (Note: grapevine is not what’s pictured above.) It’s insanely moisturizing. I have just come to the conclusion that 1) my lips are heavily pigmented, so baby pinks will never ever work on me and 2) my lips drink in moisture like nobody’s business. So things that are supposed to be moisturizing (Hello, Burt’s Bees!) ends up KILLING my lips. But this balm is lightly tinted – even the scary-looking grapevine color is just a sheer plum – and is crazy moisturizing.

(Also, I have openly admitted I have an addiction to lip products. Metalia often helps me with my addiction. ENABLER.)

We have a lot of hardwood flooring in my house. We also have three dogs, two boys, and a cat. The two do not always coexist peacefully. As such, we clean our hardwoods A LOT. Not quite daily, because MOMMA IS TIRED, but close to it. While I’m a fan of using natural cleaning products, and I often use vinegar to clean my wood floors, Orange Glo is my go-to when I just need nice looking floors. Because I’m OCD, I clean it first with vinegar, but then I go over it with this and let it dry for 30 minutes. IT’S AWESOME. A gorgeous, healthy shine. For at least the thirty minutes that the dogs are preoccupied outside.

I know these look .. well, “weird” may be too nice a term. They do, I know. Dr. Oz got to talking about super foods that make you gain super powers or SOMETHING (I may not have been listening very closely) and he mentioned purple potatoes and that’s really all I caught of his message, because I was all Purple potatoes?! So naturally, I decided to torture my family with them. I actually .. really loved them. They have a deeper, almost nuttier flavor to them, but they’re still as creamy as golden potatoes. Here, as you can see, I “smashed” them (via Pioneer Woman) and I probably went on to eat eight of them. Sad but true. Dr. Oz would be proud.

Another addiction I have is to nail polish. I probably own close to 20 essie colors alone, but when I saw part of their new spring line, I had to pick up “a crewed interest” (shown above) and “tour de finance”. I had to have them. I’m currently wearing A Crewed Interest, which turns out a bit more peachy-orange than shown in the picture – think peach sherbet. I like it. And I feel kind of springy. Which is something I really care about MOST Marches, but this week, our highs have been in the 80s, so it feels like we’ve bypassed winter AND spring this year.

Lastly, mostly because I can’t figure out how in the WORLD to get the image on here, but: I am coveting this purse so, so hard. In either the tangerine/fuschia or the beige/taupe, but I think it’s just AWESOME.

Anything you’ve bought lately that I need to try?

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