Archive | February 3, 2012

Hey, Watch This!

The subject title is Famous Last Words of a Redneck.

Anyway, I’m sick. Like, today, I gave up pretending that I’m NOT sick, and I’m still in bed. Only Judge Mathis and Matt Paxton, Hoarding Specialist are keeping me company.

As such, I shouldn’t talk a lot. I had a feverish dream that was incredibly specific where I was inside the Twilight books, and I was amazed at the level of detail, considering I have not seen a single movie nor read any of the books. But, we were being attacked by aliens. The attack began with blue gel balls falling from the sky, and the main vampire was not Edwardo or whatever his name was; it was instead a hunky, strong blonde guy. Who didn’t sparkle. Also, Kristin Stewart was there, but the aliens took her out pretty quickly. Come to think of it, it was a much better story than the Twilight crap.

Here’s some funny stuff I’ve seen on the internet this week.


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