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Well, you see, there’s this GAME this weekend..

Y’all, if you don’t do college football, just .. I dunno, maybe skip ahead to the meat of the post*.


(Rammer jammer! Roll Tide Rolllll!!)

Okay: *meat of the post.

People around here are kind of making an event out of it, similar to what we do around the third week in November typically (the Iron Bowl, Alabama vs. Auburn), but we ALL KNOW how that one’s gonna go this year so this weekend (Alabama vs. LSU) is THE BIG ONE. THE GAME OF THE CENTURY.

As such, we are preparing the way we prefer to prepare. In food.

Here’s what I’m looking at making, but I am OPEN to any suggestions as well.

Miss Zoot’s Buffalo Chicken Dip

The Pioneer Woman’s Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed-Jalapeno Thingies

Cream Cheese Sausage Pinwheels

Pumpkin Dip with Ginger Snaps and Apples

Am I missing anything? What’s your favorite snack for a football feast?

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Real(ish) People I Don’t Like.

I wish I was one of those people who can just float through life, unfazed by anyone around them. If people are awful, they can just scoff about it and move on.

I wish I am one of those people, but I am not.

I often lose sleep over people I don’t like, and I’ll try and create scenarios in which I could make them see how awful they truly are. Because, let’s face it, I am slightly petty. Also, I watch too much trash tv.

People that I Don’t Like:

Teresa Guidice – Real Housewives of New Jersey

Man, she drives me BONKERS. Look, I don’t demand that everyone who walks the earth be intelligent, but her stupidity is matched only by her evil. She is SO self-centered, and obviously stages so much for the show, and it’s sad to a point but mostly irritating. She just seriously has no idea how terribly she comes across, and she seems to delight in further digging the hole. Most agitating of all is that she has A HOARD of people who love her. WHO CAN LOVE HER?

Robyn – Sister Wives

Robyn rubbed me the wrong way from the get-go. There is something about her that feels deceptive and conniving, and her wide-eyed innocent act only irritates me more. From her childish behavior about her situation (“I think the other wives had trouble looking at my bed I share with Cody” .. um, I didn’t get that at all, crazy lady), to her forced sensitivity to Meri about her pregnancy in the face of Meri’s struggle with infertility, I just plain ole don’t like her.

Ben – American Horror Story

I know that we’re supposed to hate Ben, but JEBUS. Ben, could you wise up? Even just a little? Or – I don’t know – MOVE YOUR FAMILY OUT OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE? Who would STAY in that house? Who? Ben, look. I’m going to need more of you naked if we’re to continue down this path. Also, be nicer to the burned guy, cause he cracks my shit up.

Kyle – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle has been quite the awful lady this season. I didn’t mind her last season, although I thought she takes herself fairly silly as the leader of the Mean Girls. This season, we’re watching her regress to 7th grade lunchroom behavior, and I don’t like it. She had a problem with a 4 year old boy peeing on the grass at a pool party, and she WILL NOT LET IT GO. Kyle, honey, your youngest daughter is naked most of the time. GLASS HOUSES, DEAR.

Nick Lachey – The Sing-Off

I love the Sing-Off, but Nick makes me not to want watch it anymore.  While the judges’ table is admirably staffed with people well-qualified to participate, Nick is .. well. I don’t know why Nick is there, frankly. His badly-scripted jokes come off flat and he waffles between looking stoned and terrified when it’s his turn to talk. It’s uncomfortable, as it was last season, and I don’t know why we’re still letting it happen. Brian Dunkleman would’ve been a good fit.

Alright, I know I’ve missed someone. Shall we dish on the list above, or do you have someone new to add?

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