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Stupid Language Development.

Tony, like all little ones, made up some of his own words. And one by one, he’s learned the correct words.

This makes me weep.

Some of the words we’ve recently lost:

“Melmo” – Elmo
“desserp” – dessert
“choochies” – cookies
“snop” – stop
Edited to add one Bryan reminded me of:
mee mee” – Excuse me

And the one that literally took my breath away when he said it correctly and a piece of my soul died:

“fuck-cakes” – cupcakes

(That one was an awesome party trick.)


What did your babies say? Do y’all still use those words? (We still talk about desserp.)

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The Weekend of Nothing

This weekend was amazing. In that we did nothing.

So, remember that non-injury I kind of glossed over on Friday? Yeah, it turned out to be A Real Injury. Saturday left me unable to put much (if any) pressure on that knee and it was swollen to the point that I couldn’t get a brace on it. Basically, my knee gave me a free pass to sit on my ass all day.

Which – y’all? Between the injury itself (which,  honestly, was a little traumatic), and the Austin travel stuff earlier in the week, and what have you? I needed a day to sit and do nothing. I literally slept until 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, then took another nap from 2-6 p.m. IT WAS MAGICAL. Then we ordered pizza and gorged ourselves while watching tv.

Sunday I woke up feeling like a new person, swear to gahd. I don’t think moms ever get “caught up” in terms of sleep, or not until their children are in college at least, but Sunday was the closest I’ve come in a long time. My knee’s swelling had gone down a bit, but I was worried enough to go to a doc in the box and get xrays.

Here was my conversation with the doctor.

Her: So tell me what happened to injure your knee.
Me: Well, I was going down for a squat, and the joint separated.
Her: Separated?
Me: Yes, the patella was on the outside of the joint.
Her: … are you sure?
Me: Yes ma’am. I held it in my hand.
Her: That’s really gross.
Me: .. okaaaay.
Her: Has this happened before?
Me: About once every fifteen years or so.
Her: Hm. You know most people NEVER have this happen, right?
Me: Lucky me!

So, essentially, I should at some point in time have an MRI done on the ligaments around my knee as they are obviously “loose”. But insurance won’t likely pay for it since it’s not a debiliating injury, so I’m all, “Hey, it pops back in! I’m good!”. Bodies are awesome.

Random shot from the kids going to the YMCA Trunk or Treat on Friday night (which ended up being neither Trunk nor Treat due to weather):

Tony talked about that silly cow all weekend. He was just in disbelief that he met a real, live cow at the YMCA. Even though, you know, HE HIMSELF WAS DRESSED AS BATMAN.

Sunday brought roasted chicken, pumpkin muffins, cranberry sauce, and a day of open windows and break-and-bake cookies. In other words, it was pretty awesome too.

I’m on this kick now to make Sunday dinner into something worth doing. I just think Mondays suck so hard, and Sunday evening should be a time to sit down with family and enjoy a really, really good meal. I think Sundays should be kind of a Mardi Gras, a time of feasting and celebration before we all buckle down the next day.

I am not good at needing help, but Bryan has figured out how to circumvent me even needing to ask. He just DOES stuff, so I don’t have to. Because I will, no matter what. I cannot be the person who is down and out. I don’t know how. So he just stepped in and took care of all of it for me this weekend. My singular job was to clean out the DVR. (And I KICKED THE DVR’s ASS!)

Tonight we head to Aunt Gee and Dude’s house so the cousins can Trick-or-Treat together. (I will hold down the homestead, since I am gimpy.) I love watching Tony and Trey hang out together and can’t wait for Batman to meet Wolverine and see what shenanigans ensue.

Hope you have equally fantastic shenanigans this evening! (BE SAFE.)(Also, DON’T WEAR A “SEXY” COSTUME. THEY’RE JUST NOT SEXY.)

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Nothing to See Here Folks. Move Along.

So I could give you the incredibly boring blow-by-blow of how my kneecap JUMPED OUT OF JOINT today during Bootcamp, and how the process made a pale guy go even more pale and how I think that in that one minute I aged forty years and I definitely got my “workout”, but hey! No fun for anyone! Let’s not talk about how I’m having trouble walking RIGHT BEFORE HALLOWEEN. THE HOLIDAY THAT REQUIRES WALKING.

Um, so let’s see.

There’s this:

Which, is that not just the cutest little Dark Knight you’ve ever seen? Adam West DREAMS of looking this good. Especially now that he’s, like, eighty or whatever.

There’s this: I am no longer using any expensive products in the shower. I know how riveting that is, but to me? That’s a pretty big deal. I’m someone who’s always bought Philosophy 3-in-1 shower stuff, and even if I bought it “supersized”, it was still expensive. I ran out right before I left for Austin and then had a SURPRISE! plane ticket to buy so, um, I’m using Bryan’s shower gel. Which is Target brand Old-Spice wannabe stuff. I actually rather like it. Also, I’ve abandoned the fancy “colorsafe” shampoo for Suave’s Rosemary Mint stuff. Not bad at all.

See, before this morning, I had decided that I was going to quit focusing on stupid stuff that kind of .. band-aided my body, you know? Like, clothes that I bought specifically to hide problem areas and crazy expensive hair products because something on me needs to look in-control. I decided instead to put my money where my mouth is and spend money buying fresh ingredients for food preparation and into bootcamp and into stuff that makes me feel better. Oh, and also those other people I live with.

But your body is like the Electoral College. It doesn’t matter what sacrifices you give, or how much campaigning you do, or even if the popular vote is overwhelmingly in your favor. Your body gets the final, nail-in-the-coffin vote. So you can be like, “I did it! I went to Bootcamp this morning! Woo hoo! And my numbers look good!”, your body can very much be like SCREW YOU, MISS CONFIDENCE. KNEE, PREPARE TO ABORT.

Anyway. Life goes on and I’ll be back on Monday morning. After all, it’s Halloween, so walking like a zombie is encouraged.

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Post Gumbo*

*because gumbo has a lot of stuff thrown in a pot and you’re like OKRA AND SHRIMP?! because that doesn’t sound like it would work together, but it does. Oh, it does.

My child had a rough night last night. And admittedly, Tony is a very very easy child so a rough night for us is, like, devastating. Like, break out the Holy Water and rosaries because this child? Is clearly taken over by demons. He’s had sinus crap for awhile now, but he was NOT feverish and he was just awful to everyone and then got upset to the point that he dry-heaved for HALF-AN-HOUR if anyone spoke to him and finally Jack said, “I think he has a headache.” Bryan and I both looked at him and thought Eh, why the hell not? and dosed him with some ibuprofen and BOOM! happy baby again. It was the most bizarre thing ever, and a bit foreboding as both Jack and Bryan suffer from migraines.


Semi-related: WHY IS THE TIME CHANGE SO FRICKIN’ LATE THIS YEAR? Everyone’s all cranky and irritable and we all look at the sun with such disdain like WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! and I’m ready to get my extra hour of sleep, is what I’m saying here. I considered maybe I missed the change entirely, but I haven’t seen a deluge of Angry Parenting Tweets on Twitter, and those are the sign that a time change has happened.

.. or that Sprout/Nick Jr/PBS has up and changed their scheduled programming again.


I started Bootcamp Wednesday morning and MAN. Although, yay me, I did get through the entire hour without having to sit down and/or vomit, so WAY TO IMPROVE, SARAH! You leave bootcamp sessions feeling like you could easily conquer the world, but that feeling is so hard to replicate and remember at 4:45 in the morning when your bed is just as enticing. But, I’m happy to put one foot in front of the other and get this thing started. Mostly because I miss buying new clothes, and I’ve totally stuck to my resolution to not buy any new clothes until I can do in a smaller size.


I asked on Twitter yesterday how much you guys average dollar-wise per kid over the holidays. The answers were fairly consistent and also, I think I way overspent last year and this year will be The Disappointing Year for the boys. I mean, last year included (not limited to, but INCLUDED) a Playstation 3. Last year, however, I was working crazy crazy overtime hours and money seemed to be falling from the ceiling. (Not quite, especially considering I’d been unemployed for four months prior.) The suckiest part about this is that – being the major breadwinner – I have to sit ALL of the boys down (including the Biggest Boy) and explain that we’re going to have to cut back this year. This makes me feel like a failure. Truly. On all fronts. Because, really, I want them all to be like No, we just love the holiday because of the company! and the cookies! and the frivolity! like I feel. So I feel like a financial AND a parental failure.


My dad got very concerned about my mental health while I was in Austin because I only photographed food. I think this makes the mark of a very awesome vacation. (Am a foodie!)


I’m trying not to take it personally that I finally got a Klout perk (which, please don’t for a second believe I hang my hat on anything “score driven” on the internet) this week, and THE DAY AFTER everyone’s scores dropped like WHOA.


Does anyone have the large age range of kids that I do in my house? Like, do you have one child who is 5+ years older than the other? How do you deal with Santa there? Do you involve the older child? I need advice here.

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Some Stuff that Makes Me Laugh. Loudly.

So I’ve mentioned once or eleventy times about Pinterest and how it’s helping me do everything from weekly meal planning to plan for Tony’s next birthday party. But I also have a random board that is SOLELY for me to put stuff that makes me laugh. Now that I have set the stage, I share.

Oh, this one. ELL OH ELL.

Lastly – this kid gets me EVERY. TIME.
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