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Cooking for the Lazy

There are two things that make me feel like I’m a great wife and mother: cleaning house and cooking.  For some reason, working 10+ hour days DO NOT make me feel like a great wife and mother, but the bill collectors appreciate it when I do the latter more than the former.  Thus, the three things do not always coincide harmoniously.

I wouldn’t quite call myself “lazy”, as the title would imply.  But I do keep recipes simple.  Because I often have less than an hour to 1) get myself and Tony inside, 2) get dogs fed and Tony a small snack, and 3) get dinner started.  If I’m lucky, I might have an opportunity to use the restroom in there, but that’s not a guarantee.

I also like to keep recipes simple because occassionally, I will pass the cooking baton to Bryan.  This happens VERY RARELY, because he can cook chili and spaghetti and anything else will confuse and overwhelm him.   I’m trying to introduce him to new things he can cook (one example is included below and he made a successful risotto a few weeks back), but they have to be simple. (And I don’t blame him – I was the same way when I started cooking.)

I also (last reason, I promise) like to keep recipes simple because there’s usually little clean-up involved.  Although our house enforces the “She who cooks will be spared the cleaning” rule, my dishwashers often believe that “cleaning” simply implies you can put everything in “to soak” and then Sarah will get tired of looking at it soaking and will, in fact, clean it.  They believe this because IT HAPPENS LIKE CLOCKWORK.

I cook four or five nights a week without fail, and Bryan usually catches one night a week when he beats me home, so we have a list of some tried-and-true recipes.  A few people asked me for my “staple list” on Twitter a week or so ago and I thought I’d give it here, too.  I did not create these recipes, so they’re all links to other sites, but keep in mind: I’ve used them several times, and I have THE PICKIEST EATERS KNOWN TO MAN.  If they’ll eat these dishes, we’re all in luck.

Dinners Reserved for Monday nights:
(I hate cooking on Monday nights more than going to the dentist, so these are super easy.)
Pasta Fagioli
Taco Soup
BBQ  – I can’t find the recipe for this, but it was literally a pork butt and a pack of McCormick Chili seasoning thrown into a 6 quart crock pot for 8 hours.  Shred with two forks and return to crock pot for another hour along with a bottle of your favorite bqq sauce.  TA DA.

Other favorites:
Mexican Lasagna

Homemade Pizza Rolls

Picante Pot Roast

Sour Cream Enchilladas

Lazy Chicken Enchilladas

Mexican Cornbread Casserole (Although, honestly, we may be having the next recipe on that page – the chicken turnovers – tonight)
Chicken Spaghetti

I just think that America is lacking family dinners.  I think sitting around a dinner table is no longer a standard format – and while I know sometimes, it can’t be helped, I just think it should be the rule rather than the exception to eat dinner with the family.  All of these recipes are crazy easy and don’t take a lot of time or weird ingredients.  Throw a side or two with any of them (or not! we’re not a big side-dish family), and you’ve got a great reason to sit around a table and learn your family again. ::dismounts judgemental soapbox::

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