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Whole Lotta Nothing

In reference to my last post, I read this interesting little tidbit at Daily Worth, a great blog that offers money tips for women:

  About 30% have hidden a bill or other statement
  16% concealed a major purchase
  15% admitted to having kept a secret bank account
  11% lied about their debt
  Mysteriously, 11% lied about their incomes

Isn’t that insane?!  I know y’all all felt weird talking about your finances on some random blog, but don’t you feel better now?  I know.  Me too.

So we’ve gotten our SmartyPig account off the ground, and you can watch our progress in the right hand sidebar there.  I’m a fan.  Have to say. 


Because I worked over the holiday, we didn’t get to head down to Jasper, Alabama for our annual Christmas get-together.  As a result, we made the trek down this weekend.  The boys were totally stoked.

The boys TOTALLY racked up with their presents, and now we have things that are HUGE and MAKE LOTS OF NOISE.  Perfect holiday!  I love making the trip because Grandmother Comer always makes warm chocolate pudding when I come down.  Also, really and truly, I love Bryan’s family and we don’t see them nearly enough.  Grandmother will be moving into a new house soon, her first move in OVER FIFTY YEARS, and so we went to visit the new house.  The boys approve whole-heartedly, mostly because the backyard lends itself to some epic hide-and-seek.

We did have a scary moment during dinner: while moving on to the chocolate pudding portion of dinner (which, really, is all anyone cares about), a support under the house broke.  We all fell about an inch and the noise was deafening.  I looked at Grandmother, who has been reticent to move, and said, “Yeah, it’s time.”


Tony got a kid’s camera for Christmas from Bryan’s parents, and dude, he is loving the photography.  Mostly, he loves posing like a photographer:

And my favorite part is that — regardless of what he’s taking pictures of — he yells, “Say cheese, Momma!”  And if I don’t immediately respond with a resounding CHEESE!, I get reprimanded.  Like my participation may negatively impact his picture of the crack in our driveway.


Sunday was another GORGEOUS day, so we explored a new mountain, one closer to our home.  The boys LOVED the trail we took them on, Tony in particular loving the idea of playing Pooh Sticks in the many bridges.

Random shot that I like because he suddenly resembles the chubby baby and those cheeks I used to NOM NOM on for hours at a time:

Also, Tony’s cheeks look nice there too.


All in all, it was a lovely (yet tiresome/EXHAUSTING) weekend that made me truly appreciate my little family.  The boys are now old enough to entertain eachother and play well together.  Bryan and I lagged behind them on the trail several times and watched them laugh together as they played games.  He quietly would weave his fingers in mine and we’d all just sigh at the loveliness of it all, our little bit of earth that we’re given to play in.


Related to nothing, I’ve read THREE BOOKS since I got my Kindle.  Such is the power.  The last one I finished was Room, by Emma Donoghue, and y’all, it GOT INTO MY HEAD SO HARD.  I don’t even know if I should recommend the book because it messed with my head so badly.  Granted, I was personally invested, being both the mother of a boy and the little boy in the story being named Jack, but .. man, oh man.  What a read.  Page turner for sure, but one you can’t put down out of fear.

Also, for Valentine’s Day, we did the highly romantic act of ordering Jason’s Deli be delivered to our house and we watched Catfish.  I had heard it was quite the mind-blowing film, and we enjoyed it to be sure, but .. I don’t know.  Maybe we are jaded, Bryan and I, but the big twist at the end was something we called within the first half hour of the film.  Because nothing surprises us any more.


Our child rose ten minutes before Bryan on Saturday, and when Bryan made his way in, he found this:

He had made “art” in the creamer.  He had also gotten into the Excedrin.  Which, to his credit, he disliked and spit out.  But still.  BIG SURPRISE ABOUT SOMEONE’S CAPABILITY.

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