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My Weekend of Win

First and foremost, THE WEN WINNER!

I was amazed that produced this, because how often does the first commenter win?  CONGRATS, ZELLER, YOU ARE THE WEN WINNER!   You can email me for details and I’ll get the package out to you pronto!


Secondly, I wanted to talk about my weekend of win.  It was win that started, litrally (as Rob Lowe’s Parks and Recreation character would say) Friday night and continued through midnight on Sunday.  As all weekends of win should.

Friday night, I had a little stomach issue, so Bryan came home and relieved me from Tony duty while I ran out to have a headshot made for the Dixie Derby Girls. (NEW SEASON KICKING OFF SOON!)(FUNDRAISER THIS WEDNESDAY!).  Sadly, the photographer had already left by the time I got there, so I came on home. 

(Okay, I got some quad-steak quesadillias from Taco Bell.  My stomach had made a miraculous recovery.)

When I put Tony down, I heard Bryan rapidly doing something in the bedroom.  I stuck my head in and saw him crouched on his side of the room, working intently.  He came out, breathless, and handed me a box.  “Late Christmas present,” he said.  “And, sorry, I couldn’t find any tape.  I had to use a glue stick.”

Oh, but y’all: he could’ve used his own bodily fluids to wrap it, because behold..


 Yes.  It was THERE.  In my hands.  And I SQUEEEEEEEED.

Saturday was awesome because 1) I slept in until 10:00 a.m. and 2) & 3) were acquired at dinner:

(PoBoy Factory, the first restaurant Tony ever dined in and still a favorite haunt – and I got to explain and show him what Mardi Gras is and my heart was happy.)

(Seriously, the light was on, the donuts were warm, and he’d never had one before.  He took one and a half bites before declaring, “I no like donuts.” WHOSE CHILD IS THIS?)

But still.  Saturday, overall, was full of win.  I also forgot to mention two very important details:

  • I got a really really long nap.  I seriously felt like a new person when I woke up.
  • I got an email late Saturday night that MADE MY LIFETIME.

So.  Remember that, three years or so ago, I co-directed a show that I loved very much?  It was written by a man who has often been quoted on here.  Because I admire the hell out of him.  When he announced a trip to Huntsville, I just about .. well, I told my husband that if he didn’t make those tickets happen, I was looking at divorce.  I think those are completely reasonable terms.

Bryan and I were laying in bed on Saturday night when my email alert on my phone went off.  Typically, that’s just some Facebook update (“Someone You Don’t Know has commented on a picture of you!”), but this wasn’t.

It was an email from Jason Robert Brown.

He wanted to know if I was going to be at the concert. 

Oh, y’all.  The SQUEEEEE-ing that ensued.


Dana Carvey was hosting SNL right that second, but I was all, “Screw you, Church Lady.  I’m VIP now, biatch.”

I spent all day Sunday fretting about what to wear, no lie.   Also, I scrubbed the house from top to bottom.  Clean sheets on the bed. Scrubbed bathroom floors.  Mom and Dad came over around 4:00 p.m. to play with Tony and Bryan and I headed out for sushi. (And sake. I had LOTS of sake.)

The concert. OH, THE CONCERT. Little known fact: Jason Robert Brown is, in fact, NOT a robot and in reality plays and sings all of his stuff himself.  Like, live.  And sounds JUST as he does on his albums.  It was the singular most amazing thing I’ve watched.  I cried, I laughed, he was amazing, and it was just one of those things in your life that suddenly snaps everything into focus.  To hear music that has been so influentual in my life, played live and with such vigor?  Seriously, that’s something I can’t put into words.


Here’s three Browns, Jason Robert in the middle of Jenni and I:

Here I am with Bill, who co-directed The Last 5 Years with me three years ago this month, and THE WRITER OF THAT SHOW in between us:

A song from The Last 5 Years was actually fashioned into a childrens’ book, and of course one had to be signed for moi.  While I approached him (I GET SO FREAKIN STARSTRUCK) cautiously, I said, “Hi, you were awesome and my name is Sarah Brown..”

And he said, “Ah, the infamous Sarah Lena.”


When I met Wade Robson some years back and talked about my encounter with him, another “blogger” in town insinuated that I fabricated the event.  Here’s the scoop: this is my LIFE.  And yes, I get geeked out over meeting creative forces, and I own that.  And this night?  Dude.  DOOOOOOOD. 

I could die a hundred times and still list this as a highlight in my lifetime.

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