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Wen? NOW! Giveaway!

So, I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice or a hundred times, but I’m a Wen Hair Care girl.

I’ve also mentioned several times that you can get the product through several outlets, and I typically go “super-sized” on Amazon and get the big, 32 oz jar.  One came in just a week ago, matter of fact, with the Tea Tree Oil kind. (Not a fan.)

Well, about a week later .. or some other stretch of time, since who knows when this actually happened .. I got a shipment in from Gunthy Renker.  They were who supplied my original shipment, so I was confused.

They had sent out another shipment, but because they really are a wonderful company, they credited me back and told me to keep the shipment as a consolation for their mistake.


I now had two 16 oz bottles of the Sweet Almond Mint sitting on my counter.

Honestly, I debated dumping out half of the tea tree oil kind and refilling it with this, but.. but I didn’t.  Instead, I offered one to my sister, because that’s what sisters do*, and I’m giving the other one away!

Not only do you have a chance to win the 16 fl oz bottle of the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, which is what they recommend for most types of hair, but you’ll also get a 2 oz bottle of the ReMoist Intensive Hair Treatment AND wide-toothed shower comb.  The whole set is yours!

Here’s the details/fine print/and that footnote mentioned above about what sisters do:

Contest begins with this posting and can be entered by leaving a comment on this post.  Only one comment per person, please, and trying to go around the rules will disqualify you from entering.  This product is supplied entirely by me, with an estimated retail value of $25.  This product was not supplied by Wen Hair Care or by Gunthy Renker, nor did I receive any compensation for mentioning this product or doing this giveaway.  No, really, I didn’t.  Contest ends on 12:00 midnight CST on Friday, February 4th.  Winner will be announced on Monday, February 7th, and will be determined by a drawing.

* Okay, that’s what sisters do UNLESS YOU’RE ON THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS, in which case you terrorize one another on national tv and then cry like a baby when you’re called out on it, KYLE.

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