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Follow-Ups. And Stuff. Mostly Stuff.

I used to write these every so often and people really enjoyed them.  But I stopped because.. well, because.  Because I forget, really.  Have no short-term memory.  AT ALL.  I am Dory; it’s nice to meet you.  HI, I’m Dory.

Have we met?  I’m Dory. (I’m done now.)

I was kind of blasted with hate mail this week.  But I also had a lot of people come to my defense, publicly and privately, and that meant more to me than any slanderous comments.   It also just drove home that some people?  Are always looking for a fight. 

I’m still struggling on four wheels.  In fact, the whole fam went out with me on Saturday morning.  And Bryan?  Is kind of a roller-skating phenom.  Jack got some great coaching from a staffer and made leaps and bounds in the two hours we were there.  Tony made it around the rink several times AND enjoyed the bouncy house they had set up in the corner.  I?  Spent most of my time barefoot.  “Struggling” may be a bit of an understatement.

I have found a very happy replacement for a major money-suck in my house. Be sure and order it from Amazon, though, for the best deal you can find on it.

Surprisingly, I still haven’t heard from ProjectMom on my new tv show.  I think I scared them off with how amazing I look with no make-up on and a towel on my head.  They fear for the future of the make-up and hair industry when they see me.  I can’t blame them.

You should come play with us on Which Actress is Sporting a Fake Belly Bump!  Also, please to excuse my really lame guesses.  One of them is in poor taste.  Guess which one!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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I Can Haz Parenting Advice?


Most of you know that my son, Tony, was born with a foot deformity.  We have lovingly deemed it his “lucky foot”, and we’ve just recently started watching Finding Nemo.  As much as I want to be the fun-loving, easy-going mom, I hear a LOT of myself in Marlin, Nemo’s over-protective father.

Case in point: letting him jump on a trampoline at the mall.  I was FUHREAKING out.  His foot!  What if his foot isn’t strong enough?  What if he puts undue stress on the OTHER foot as a result?  OH GOD, HIS FEET ARE DRIVING ME BONKERS.

Thing is, Tony?  Hasn’t noticed his feet.  He made mention of his brace when he was still wearing one, but it’s been a year without a brace now, and he never mentions a difference between the two feet.  (And believe me, it doesn’t handicap him AT ALL.  He is as crazy and rambunctious as any two year old.)

SO .. do I tell him?

Here’s my two schools of thought:

School A – we’re going to have to have major surgery on this foot, probably in the next two or three years.  It will be a painful recovery, as we’re most likely having to do a bone-lengthening procedure on this foot to even out his legs.  Wouldn’t it be less confusing or less shocking if he knew ahead of time that one foot is different than the other?

School B – why make a mountain out of a molehill?  He’s perfectly happy as is.  Why create some sort of issue where there currently is none?

I really will listen to all suggestions, but please, don’t get preachy on me.  There are not words for how heavily this weighs on my heart, so please be respectful.  To me and to eachother. 

Or as Tony would say, “Love EVERYBODY!!”

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I Am Decades Older This Week.

Friday night, the boys decided to see how strong I truly am and they persuaded me to let my baby .. MY BABEH!! .. jump on a bouncy, bungee jumpy thingie in the middle of the mall.

I agreed, but I shook and sweated through the entire thing. 

Tony?  Had a ball.

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Sometimes, I Hate the Power of the Internet.

OKAY, lemme just say:

I love the internetz in all of its glory and, in all honesty, I have a very tight group of online BFFs who often keep me sane, but the internet?  This week?  Is REALLY PISSING ME OFF.

I CAN.NOT remember the last time I had to write a post defending myself.  It was easily years ago.  Maybe four years ago?  I dunno.  But a long damn time ago.  And even since then, I’ve been slandered, called names, whatever, but the charges were never so egregious that I felt the need to step forward and go, Wait, whoa.  Hold up.  Pump your brakes; slow your roll.


I wrote a post on MamaPop that was covering the news that a “tell-all” was being published that featured Christopher Reeve having an affair with a male porn-star.  I wrote the piece from the angle of, No, he’s MY boyfriend! Superman is in love with MEEE! and now?

I’m being accused of having homophobia.

… um, say what?

And when I defend myself, and say, “No, I don’t have homophobia, actually.  I run with a very liberal crowd,” which is ENTIRELY true.  Dude, I run with derby and actors.  THAT’S LIBERAL.  And then I got smacked in the face with, “That’s like saying you’re not racist because you have black friends.”


Want how I volunteered with the Aids Action Coalition for years?

Want how I have demonstrated to end the “traditional” marriage ban?

Want my NOH8 twibbon?

I’ve been called a lot of things in my years online, but this one really has me hurt.  Because the people they’re accusing me of being are the people I’ve been fighting AGAINST.  And while I know I should just let it slide off my back .. be the duck, Sarah, be the duck .. I AM JUST FUCKING LIVID OVER THESE WORDS.

I am not racist.  I don’t see color.  I don’t see gender preference.  I am, however, elitist and I think that Christopher Reeve getting with a porn star is gross.  There.  There’s my bias.  I am pornaphobic.  I don’t care if the porn star was male, female, or a FUCKING DONKEY, that there is my Superman and only *I* can be his Kryptonite!

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Around the Internetz This Weekend

It has just been a crazy long time since I’ve gotten any hate mail, and then I had this little gem waiting on me as we waited for my sake to arrive on date night:

Really, it made me giggle because.. well, because it really did cover all the bases.

Then The Bloggess made me laugh with her take on BlogHer:

I am trying to mask my hurt about not being in NYC in a weekend or two by pretending that I don’t care.  But this reminds me that, really, there will be yet another conference for me to attend somewhere down the road.  Que c’era, c’era and that crap.

Then I spent some time this evening setting this bad boy up:

In which I will host reviews (sponsored and non-) and giveaways as they come about.  So be sure and add to your readers!  CAUSE LAWDY, I’M SURE THE MONEY WILL BE FLOWING NOW!

(And on that same note, if you’re a store-owner/business/MOMtrepreneur and you’d like to be featured, please drop me a line!)

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