Archive | February 13, 2010

Why He Married Me

Me: Hey, honey!  Someone that is in my show was in Jesus Christ, Superstar with you!

Him: Oh, yeah?  Who?

Me: (name.) She said she didn’t remember your real name, so I told her you were the old one.

Him: .. wha?

Me: You know, the old one.  Like, the oldest Apostle.

Him: Sarah.. I WASN’T THE OLDEST APOSTLE.  I wasn’t even that old when we did the show!

Me: No, not like YOU were old.  But you PLAYED the oldest Apostle.  DUH.

Him: …

Me: You know.  Don’t look at me like that.  You played The Elder.  The oldest Apostle.

Him: …

Me: Damnit, Bryan, why are you looking at me like that?  YOUR CHARACTER’S NAME WAS JAMES THE ELDER.  You were the oldest Apostle!

Him: Sarah.  ::sigh.. possibly another sigh:: Sarah, there were two James.  I was the elder of the two.

Me: .. oh.

Us: …

Me: Probably only in the King James’ Version.

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