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The Epiphany NaBloPoMo is Credited For.

Yes!  Hallelujah!  NaBloPoMo is over today!!

.. and I’m kind of a little sad.

I liked forcing myself to sit still and think for a little bit of time each day. (SHUT UP to all of you who are saying Hah, Sarah has to force herself to think! because .. you’re ugly.) It was nice to see that I’d actually been an active blogger again.  I missed it.


I was driving in to work this morning and there were several things that bothered me about it. 1) I was out of my pjs before, like, eleven.  That had not happened since 11/20, and it was very disturbing to me this morning. 2) Tony was SO appalled at the idea of going to school this morning that he made himself throw up.  And the idea that I had to redress him and send him on his way because neither of us could miss work today?  OHMYLORD, it killed me.

So I was driving in and thinking .. AGAIN.. how much I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom on days like today.  Ideally, I’d send Tony to “school” two or three days a week, because he reallly does need the socialization.  But?  But I feel like I have NO TIME with him.  And so I carve out as much time outside of work as possible to be dedicated Tony time, which means any time for me?  Or my marriage?  Gets the shaft.  A lot.

I’ve been talking repeatedly about my flirtation with Dave Ramsey and his Total Money Makeover.  And I say flirtation because, well, I’m just a naughty little girl and I’m all like, Ooh, Dave, talk softly again about how I can eliminate all of my debt.  What am I wearing, Dave?  I’m wearing a Gap.. I mean, um, a Goodwill top and.. And I basically think that, YES, his ideas are fantastic and I should TOTALLY do that!

.. aaaaaand then I go to Target.  With plastic.  And maybe have to buy that really cute placemat set because.. well, because.  It was on sale!  It was the last one!  I needed one more!  I have a long laundry list of excuses.

SO.  Back to this morning.  This morning, where I dealt with puke AND getting dressed and I was already in a pretty crappy mood.  I was driving in, and I realized, HEY!  If I, like, REALLY do this Dave Ramsey stuff and we get all of our debt paid off.. I could quit work.  Or I could work part-time at something I really loved doing.  But most importantly, I could spend more time with the kid!

As if sent by Dave Ramsey himself, this post by Mike at RunningWolf echoed exactly that inspiration.  Taking the initiative to do something you WANT to do. 

I will say this: I feel (and have felt for some time) that I’ve always been the one to put my nose to the grindstone when it comes to employment.  I took my chances early, playing around with “what I want to do when I grow up” before I even turned twenty, and have been the steady breadwinner ever since.. doing something else entirely.  I have always, ALWAYS wanted to have that chance to do what I want to do instead of what I have to do (in order to take care of everyone else).  That idea?  Terrifies and excites me all at the same time.

And maybe?  Maybe it’s my turn.

Suddenly, a Total Money Makeover doesn’t sound like a life sentence, as it has in the past.  It sounds, instead, like a gateway to the life I wanted anyway.  It sounds like a means to an end where I can stop working for The Man and start spending time furthering our podcast opportunities.  I know what my purpose is in life.  This ain’t it.

But tightening the belt a bit?  Could get me a helluva lot closer to It.

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The Trip, 2009

We started a couple of days ago, knowing that we wanted the weekend to include The Trip.  Parents know The Trip, because it plagues all of our holidays.  Sure, your holiday card is going to include some precious posed shots of autumnal y’all, but you still have to get the ONE pic of your kid(s) with Santa.  Otherwise known as The Trip.

Tony went and saw Santa when he was a mere two/three weeks old, and he handled the entire shoot like a pro:


See?  GREAT picture there.  Santa was happy, we were happy, everyone was happy.  CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

Last year was HELLISH in the First Birthday party and then we had, I dunno, other shit to do and we totally missed The Trip.  Which we were okay with, because we only had EIGHTY MILLION PICTURES of the child at that point.

So this year was our first venture back.  And we started early with the propaganda.

We started pointing out pictures of Santa first.  We taught Tony what Santa says, which was always repeated as, “Hooo Hoh Hoooo”, as if he was some WereSanta or something.  I don’t know; the child is a genius in his own mind.  We talked about it for DAYS, going to visit Santa Clause.  We practiced what we were going to ask for (“bakketbawl?”) and all of that crap.  Dude, we had this NAILED.

We went to the mall midday on a Sunday, knowing the crowds would be light.  Tony’s face LIT UP when we saw him, seated there in his plush purple wingback.  “Oooooh!” he said.  That’s Santa, I told him.  He brings you stuff. “DANTA!!” he squealed.

We waited in line about ten minutes, which?  No big whoop.  Tony watched, bright-eyed and smiling as the children in front of us took their perfect pictures.  He kept pulling to enter the sacred Santa area.  “Not our turn yet, bud,” I’d warn.  “Just a minute.”

“MENOWT.” he said, impatient.  Christmas is COMING, Mom.

“What does Santa say?” I said, trying to pass the time.

“Hooo hoh hooooo,” he’d answer.

Finally, the other children cleared the path.  Santa smiled his jolly smile at Tony and said, “Hey.”



This?  Was the BEST SHOT.  We literally had to throw Tony into the frame from a good two feet in front of the SATANIC SANTA and pray that maybe he wasn’t yowling that very second.  It was an .. experience.  It was .. The Trip.

Later tonight, when we were loading up from grocery shopping, I asked Tony if he’d gone to see Santa Clause today.  His eyes got wide as he nodded.  “.. yeeaaah..”

“And what did he say?” I asked.

He leaned in really close to me and said, “RAWR.”

Well, I’d have gone apeshit too.

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Ah, NaBloPoMo..

So.. my thankful post was scheduled (I thought) to post on Thursday.  You know, on Thanksgiving.

.. aaaaaand that didn’t happen.

I totally skipped yesterday.  Mostly because I was up at 2:00 a.m. and shopping with Ra and Steve by 3:00.  We shopped till 8:00.  It was insane and fun and .. oddly .. I totally want to do it again next year.  I’m kind of a freak that way.

Today’s post can be summed up in one picture:


Tony’s crib (and Jack’s crib, by rules of hand-me-downs) was recalled last week in the MASSIVE StorkCraft recall of all drop-side cribs manufactured between 2000 and 2009.  We had been debating moving him to a big-boy bed for some time, but the whole “possible death” thing really pushed our hand.

We wanted to move directly to a twin bed, but we sorta didn’t have one.  And we wanted to make an easy transition since we’re kind of lazy and like to sleep.

Bryan put it together as Tony and I played and bathed. (Okay, Tony bathed.  I helped from the dry side.)

I had kind of built up this long conversation we were going to have to have about rules in the big-boy bed.. staying in the bed.. calling for Mommy if you need something.. blah blah blah, but per his usual, it was entirely in my head.  We walked in and he exclaimed “OH MY!” at his new bed (and new “aquarium” to replace his crib soother), and when he was lotioned and dressed, he walked over to his bed, crawled in, and told me “OFF. OFF.” (regarding the offensive aquarium), and he was asleep before I closed the door.

(I took the pic about 15 minutes later, when I couldn’t take it anymore and had to make sure he was okay.)

(And to see if he missed his mommy.)

(But he was already asleep.)

(And yes, I turned the light on to take the pic.)

Nothing makes my ovaries hurt more than realizing that my baby was totally ready to take the next step of growing up, and it was me that was creating all of the reasons he shouldn’t grow up.

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On Being Thankful

If I sat down and tried to put words to the many, many things I’m thankful for, I’d never finish.

But pictures?  Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?  SCORE.

Enjoy all of your blessings!

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Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All.

There are not words.

Just not.

Enjoy the Muppets covering Bohemian Rhapsody.

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