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Destin, You Own My Heart

Home.  I AM HOME!


It was a FABULOUS week.  Seriously.  I can’t tell you the last time I had a full week that had NO schedules.  I’m not sure I ever have, honestly.  And to spend a full week with so much family and freedom?  It was an absolute joy.  I had such a blast.

Tony LOVED the beach.

Okay, he didn’t.

He LOVED the beach chairs.  I don’t know.  He’s weird.  He couldn’t stand SAND touching any part of him.

Instead, he loved beach CHAIRS.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!  Here we are, in paradise, and he spent HOURS just walking up and down the rows of beach chairs, counting them and climbing on them.  He is not a fish.  He’s a goat.

But he had fun on his own terms.  He loved the food, for instance.

He loved hearing his PaPa jam out at Saturday’s jam session.

He loved cuddling with MaMa.

And he liked LOOKING at the beach.  From a distance.

Also interesting: Bryan and I did a bar crawl on Saturday night.  It’s only my second bar crawl EVER, and I’m not sure Bryan even knew what a bar crawl was.  So who offered us the opportunity?


I KNOW, RIGHT?!  We felt so old and so tired, but my God, we went.  Daddy and I conned Mom into watching Tony and we all hit the harbor in Destin to “bar crawl”.

.. we made it to two bars.  Cause we’re old and lame.

(This was BEFORE bar #1. You can only imagine how great I looked by the end of the night, huh?)

But most awesomely, we got to meet Daddy’s side of the family (again.. sort of).  Daddy’s nieces are incredibly fantastic, gorgeous women who were SO much fun to hang out with.

I laughed so hard through most of our times together that I was hoarse for most of the week.  It was so neat to hear their stories of growing up and how they knew Daddy.  For instance, he had a nickname: BUD.  HOW HAVE I GONE THROUGH ALL OF MY CHILDHOOD NOT CALLING HIM BUD?!  It’s a travesty.  I’m working to rectify it, trust me.

Bud also threw down on Saturday night in a jam session that had him playing with some locals at a bar.  Not only had most of his family NOT heard him perform before, but Tony hadn’t ever either.  It was too much fun.  Bud totally rocked the house.

Bryan and I are already planning for next year’s trip.  We never really made traveling or vacationing a priority before; life always seemed to get in the way.  But after we got away for a week, we realized that it makes us SO much more aware of our daily blessings.  And next year, some redhead who writes for this blog MIGHT be turning the big 3-0 around September 3rd, and there is just no other way I’d rather enter a new decade.

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In Between SPFs

Insomnia can do some really messed up things to a person.

So we’re at the beach.  It is PERFECT here, and I could not have wished for anything more in a vacation, except.. no, seriously, nothing more to ask for.  Tony’s been happy as a clam, it’s been awesome having my parents down the hall, we’ve been lazy for days on end, and everything is as it should be for a vacation.

But last night, for whatever reason, I could not sleep.  It is SO frustrating, knowing that you have a golden opportunity to sleep (SLEEP, DAMN YOU!), and yet?  I’m sitting there, running the lyrics to You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinchin my head at two o’clock in the morning.  At home it wouldn’t be so bad, as I could go to another room and turn on the tv or plug in a computer, but here, we’re all sharing one giant room, and there’s nothing I could do that wouldn’t chance a wake-up call to the toddler in the metal crib.

Tony is the most overly dramatic sleeper I’ve ever encountered.  He will grandly flail back and forth in his crib, sighing loudly and whimpering from time to time, making me wonder what evils he’s run into that would warrant such a display.  More whining, more thwacking his limbs around, and finally, from his lips.. “BUUBUHLLS!!”

Yes, bubbles.  BUBBLES are causing my child’s nightmares.

Summer camp is gonna be a bitch for this kid.

Between his histrionics and Bryan’s penchant for chainsaw imitations, I’d probably be better off getting more restful sleep inside a circus tent.  But in reality?  This makes for an AWESOME wake-up call:

Also, one thing I’ve noticed since I’m sleepier is that I am adamant about moving at Tony’s speed.  I don’t know why this is such a big deal to me, but I’m forcing myself to walk at his pace.  He walks everywhere on vacation, and if he feels like ambling slowly, I follow his lead.  If he feels like hopping, I do too.  I have found that this irritates the HELL out of everyone around me.  And I don’t begrudge them, because on a normal Wednesday afternoon, you’d find me running around, with my hair on fire, getting agitated that the redhead with the gimp child are just IN YOUR FREAKIN’ WAY AND COULD THEY JUST MOVE ALREADY?!

And, no, thank you, we can’t.  We’re on vacation.

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Foreign Exchange

“Aye a beebee.”

He had pulled himself onto the couch, unassisted, and sprawled out on the quilt that is ALWAYS spread on the couch. He smiled, tickled at his own little game.

“You’ll always be my baby, bud,” I say from across the room.

“Momma, EAT,” he says, poking his mouth furiously. “Eat EAT eat!”

“Alright, bud,” I say, rising from the couch. “What are you hungry for?”

“Jeh-yoh,” he answered, and pulled it from the refrigerator once it was opened for him.


“How was your day?” I ask as we walk to the car from daycare.

“Gud,” he answers, too busy with waving buh-buh to everyone as we passed.

“I’m so glad!” I struggle to lift him into the car. He’s so stout, a little mass of hulk babyness with blue eyes and dimples. “Let’s go home and feed Little Dog.”

“No,” he said, shaking his head as I weave his arms through the seat belt of his carseat. “See PaPa and Nonna?”

“No, buddy,” I say as I slide into my own seat. “We’re going to our house.”

“See GEE-YEE?!”

“No, honey. Not Aunt Jenni. HOME. Our house. Someone has to feed Little Dog! Won’t you help me feed Little Dog?”

“Damnit, woman, I have just spent my entire day in a room with five other two year old boys and I’m damn tired of being treated like my opinions, wants, and needs are superfluous to whatever YOU have deemed a necessary itinerary for the evening! Now why don’t you shut the hell up and turn this damn piece of shit car around and head to FREAKING PAPA AND NONNA’S HOUSE BEFORE I BUST A CAP IN YO ASS!”

“What, buddy?” I say as we sit at the stoplight. “Can you help me feed Little Dog?”

He sighs. “Yah.”

One day we’ll speak the same language.

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What IS That?!

When I was little, there was a movie that I loved more than ANY OTHER MOVIE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD.  Jim Henson is a God to me, and yes, I mean to capitalize that letter, because I really do think he was on this earth for no other reason than to promote wholesome ideals through humor and compassion.  And felt.

And he was such an AMAZING maestro at his craft; worlds he created were very tactile, vivid, and worth losing yourself in.  I bought this movie for Jack when Bryan and I were first dating, and it was so awesome to watch him take to it as quickly as I had.

You can imagine my utter elation at finding this amazing redub on YouTube.  Bryan and I literally quote it ALL THE TIME.  I would venture a guess that we watch it every other night before bed, because it is STILL funny.

.. and NSFW.  BUT FUNNY.


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The List Grows Longer

I am PMSing.  I leave for vacation in less than a week.  I am currently inhaling hot popcorn with Reese’s Pieces melted in there.


I haven’t done one of these in a while, what with all of the money crap happening recently, but I thought I should share some of the good stuff I’ve purchased recently.  I LOVE reading these posts because, you know, sometimes you’re all that LOOKS cool, but does it really work? and it’s nice to hear a real person (or at least me) say, YEAH, IT TOTALLY WORKS SO BUY ONE SO WE CAN BE TWINSIES.

Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara.  Y’all, I have written before about my profound love for Rimmel’s Sexy Curves mascara, and I am now a firm believer that you cannot go wrong with any mascara product with the name Rimmel on the outside.  My ONLY complaint with this mascara, which does an amazing job with the separation and elongation of lashes, is that I picked it up in Brown Black and LO AND BEHOLD my lashes aren’t as dark as I like them.  Which, BAD SARAH, BAD BAD SARAH.

Sadly, I need to report to you that I SO PMSing that I just CUT OPEN THE BAG OF POPCORN/REESE’S PIECES because the stupid PAPER was impeding my hand-to-mouth speed.  Am truly pathetic.  Also may have melted chocolate on my mouth.  Most likely don’t care.

Moving on.

L’Oreal has a REALLY good thing going wit their EverPure line.  I’ve talked about it before as well, but it wasn’t until recently that I braved any peripheral product.  I’m just so skeptical of any product, mainly because my hair is naturally a hot mess, and most products only seem to aggrivate it into needing its own zip code. (Sidenote: I accidently typed “zip coke”, and then thought, mmmm.. coke.) But I picked this up and it’s FABULOUS.  I put it on my dry hair, between the blow-drying and styling phase.  It’s not greasy, smells like Aveda products, and I just really love it enough to make out with it.  But not with tongue, because my tongue is currently reserved for peanut butter and chocolate.

Olay DEFINITY (they firmly believe this product is deserving of all CAPS, for some reason) Color Recapture.  I picked this up yesterday because, well, in reality, I’m tired, like, all the time and I kinda am starting to look it.  I was AGHAST (aghast, I say!) at my reflection at some point last week, where dark DARK circles have made themselves entirely too comfortable under my eyes.  I decided then and there that this crap has got to STOP!  Or at least I should look better doing it.  Good Housekeeping lavished this product with praise, but honestly?  I’m kind of meh about it.  First of all, the lightest shade looks like fake tanner on me.  And?  It’s REALLY heavy.  Not really condusive to Alabama humidity in August.  I’m giving it to the end of the week, and if I’m not sold?  TOTALLY taking that baby back.

This white blouse from Ann Taylor Loft is SUCH a great piece this fall.  I literally own it in three colors, and it looks uber flattering on everyone.  I make everyone try it on and it’s always a guaranteed winner. 

I don’t think any of you should own these because I do, and I like being the only one who does because then everyone’s all “OHMYGOD, LOOK AT YOUR CUTE SHOES!” and I get to strut around and go I know, right? How cute ARE these? SO CUTE, that’s how cute! My mom ordered these for me and I wear them ALL THE TIME.  I used to hate Crocs, but they are making some REALLY cute stuff now. ::sigh:: I know. I’m a sucker.

Alright, your turn.  Let me know something new to go covet.  Wassup in your world, biatches?

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