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Pu-Pu Platter Post

You know, it’s just like, one day, you’re all just boppin’ around in your life and moanin’ about how sucky everything is, and the next day, you find out that your coworker was arrested by the FBI for submitting a threat against the President.  And, ya know, ain’t that just a kick in the teeth?


I’m in the stylist’s chair yesterday and I mention casually that my son has a foot deformity.  My stylist, naturally, inquires about the nature of the deformity, and I launch into the entire saga of the Lucky Foot.  She listens quietly as I begin talking about the impending leg-legthening procedure.. something that still haunts me, even the THOUGHT of it.. and she says, “Well, the reason I asked is because I was born with foot deformities, too.  On both feet.  They said I would never walk.  And that, honey, was 30 some odd-years ago, so don’t EVER feel like you can’t overcome something.”

So there.


Even though we didn’t buy a single thing, the hours The Real Housewives of Huntsville spent shopping yesterday made me feel like the richest woman in the world.  I think Bravo should TOTALLY televise us, and we could have the tagline, “It doesn’t TAKE a rocket scientist.. but it helps.”


I waited a full 48 hours in order to avoid spoiling TiVo viewers, but can I just gush about my love of Carla on Top Chef and how I was SO pulling for her?  And completely sodomized I felt when they gave the title to, not even Stefan who has the chops to back it up, but.. HOSEA?  Whose only success on the show was being the douchiest soul-patch loser to cheat on his girlfriend with the crazy-you-knew-was-gonna-skank-it-up?

Carla initially did not win my love because.. well.. she was a bit too quirky for me.  I know.  I KNOW.  But then I realized she reminded me of someone.. someone I really, really love..

Do you see it?!

I kid, but seriously, I do adore her.  Her quirky “Hoo-dee-HOOS” made their way into my soul like a siren’s song, and then she made gumbo.  I was hooked.  She cooked with love, and as she cultivated that, the judges quit laughing about that phrase and realized.. hey.. it’s actually quite possible to TASTE love.

Thank you, Carla.  I’ll eat your love anytime.

.. wait a minute ..


Fabio, I’ll eat your love anytime.  ANYTIME.


The Binja got tired of the baby gate last night and ripped the sucker down.  I forgot about it until I crawled into bed, and a certain someone joined me.

I don’t condone this sort of thing, you know.  You can see the look of disapproval on my face.

But it’s hard to argue with those eyes.


I just came to the realization that I have had NO caffeine in recent memory.  What is WRONG with me?



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