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All the Single Ladies

I don’t know why, but suddenly I’ve taken a very vested interest in feng shui.

I said I don’t know why.  Because, really, how random?

It started when we were house hunting.  Bryan and I saw one tv show that explained some key criteria to search for a house that’s feng shui friendly.  Disobeying these criteria, it said, makes for an inharmonious household.

  • You should never have a staircase that faces the front door.  This means money will continuously leave your home.
  • In your kitchen, your stove and your sink should not face eachother.  The confrontation of fire and water makes for lots of fighting.
  • There was something about a fireplace.  I did not find it important.
  • Your bed should face the east, and for romance, you put it in the back right hand wall (when looking at the room from the door).

We actually ended up following most of these.  I have to say it’s turned out pretty well.

So, according to the stars and gods and whatnot, all you single ladies need to go out on February 9th, which is the first full moon of the Chinese New Year, and throw an orange into a moving body of water.  This will either prompt your mate to next your relationship to the next level OR your perfect mate will magically appear before your eyes.

And now, because the song is stuck in my  head, I leave you with this.  You’re welcome.

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