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A Lil Linky Love

My child has been content WHILE NOT BEING ON ME AT THE SAME TIME for a record ten minutes now.  I needed to step away and do something grown up for just a minute.

.. shit, he’s fussing again.  I’ll hurry.

I wanted to share this little .. man, he’s already crying.  Damn it.

This place.

Like her stuff.  She is local.

This was my birthday present from Aardvark. (LURVE.)

I bought this for Aardvark for her birthday. (Also LURVE.)

Spawned a conversation with Zoot where she admitted that she had previously owned this necklace, LURVED it, and then lost it. (I think she would love this one as well, being the map freak she is.)

Baby is now alternating between laughing and crying, depending what dog is walking up to him.  So I’ll take this last minute to tell you that the lady behind Moppet’s Closet is VERY sweet, and very accommodating.  I LURVE my necklace and wear it almost every day (I move between that and my Coven necklace).

So take a browse through Moppet’s Closet and tell her the Coven sent you.

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To Each His Own: Teething

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to see shit like this on the back of Baby Orajel or on WebMD regarding teething:

Fever, congestion, or grumpiness are not symptoms of teething.


Now, admittedly, I was even more convinced that my child was of another realm recently.  Binja was spending the night at my mom’s one night during our tech week (because she is a GODDESS who routinely saves us from the world of sleeplessness) and she sent me a text message that said, “YOU DIDN’T TELL ME HE HAD A TOOTH!”

And I, being mother of the year (MotY), responded, “HOLY CRAP, HE DOES?”

Yes, my child sprouted .. not one, oh no, but.. TWO teeth.  And we didn’t notice a difference in his manner at all.  Because, for the most part, my child is really otherworldly in his disposition.

Sure, he’d been drooling a lot, but honestly, he’s been doing that since he was six weeks old.  In fact, I’ve blamed all of his growth spurts on teething, his sleeping issues (he’s had very little, admittedly), and most of his runny diapers.  All teething.  But it wasn’t till about mid-September that we actually had teeth to prove it.

Now, I assumed that the worst was over.  That we had those first two and everything else is now downhill.  Because, you know, I am MotY, and I deserve that kind of luck.


Two days ago, my child became posessed by the debil.  This is OBVIOUSLY teething.  Drooling like a fountain, gnawing on ANYTHING (except food.. he does not want to eat kthanxbai), and constant, horrible outburtst of crying, screaming, wiggling, hysteria.

Great weekend, huh?

He’s had fevers off and on, TONS of congestion (all clear, though), and “grumpy” deserves to be in quotes because THIS IS NOT MY CHILD, THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A MISPLACED WOLF CUB.  And I just want it documented for mothers who have not yet begun this joy (Cass and Pocklock, I’m looking YOUR way) that YES, fevers and congestion and mood swings are most certainly indicative of teething.

So when your babies started teething, what was the oddity they encountered?  I should’ve started the “To Each His Own” series when Binja was much younger, as a sort of MommyBlogger (ech, just threw up in my mouth a little bit.. but we are that, right?) wikipedia of children’s milestones.  

Tell me about your teething experiences.  What was horrible, what was easy, and what do you want to share with other moms (and dads) who are going through the same thing?

Oh, and my dad’s advice? “Have you tried whiskey yet?”

I am SO his child.

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My Hero

In case you have something better to do tonight (WHICH YOU DON’T), here’s a reminder of why you need to be at home on the couch tonight.

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The One Where I Was a Masochist.

I was utterly exhausted last night.

Bryan and I thought we’d endeavor in a double-homicide experiment and BOTH go off of our meds at THE SAME TIME.  Cause that’d be fun, right?  Kind of like Celebrity Rehab without a Baldwin, a hot doctor, or funding?  Oh, contraire.  In fact, it is NOT fun, and usually ends with Bryan stomping around while I ignore him and mentally plan to take the baby and run to Mexico.

ANYWAY.  Did I mention the exhaustion?  This is the first time I’ve “detoxed” (don’t I sound all cool and Britney Spears-y?), so I didn’t know what kind of side-effects I’d have.  Mainly?  I cry at everything (including a McDonald’s commerical that made me stop what I was doing, set the baby down, and bawl like I just watched my dog be skinned alive), and when I try and go to sleep, I get Restless Leg Syndrome.  ALL OVER MY FREAKIN’ BODY.  It’s horrible.  So I’ll get up, since sleep is not a possibility, and go watch The Hills or some other mindless tv (sidenote: When did ANTM jump the shark?  Why the stupid “dramatic” scenes with Tyra and the J’s applying .. shudder .. personalities?!).  Till, you know, around 1 o’clock or so.  And then I go and fitfully sleep till my alarm hits at 5:15.  So.. I’m a bit tired.

I’m too tired to exercise.  Which is mostly true, but it still feels like an excuse.  I feel very badly that I promised Jillian Michaels I would give her thirty days, with only 20 minutes a day, but MY GOD, I just don’t have it in me.  Cause I suck.

We had The Boy a lot longer last night than normal, so my typical Wednesday television binge was already askew and I figured I needed some motivation to get my fat ass off the couch.  Know what I did?

I got out my pre-maternity clothes. 

I had literally not seen these clothes since May of 2007.  Over a year ago.  And it was like flipping through an old yearbook, and I was so incredibly sad that I can’t wear these clothes that I loved so much. (I won’t lie; there were a lot of pieces I pulled out and have NO rational explanation as to why I purchased them.  A cordouroy skirt?  Really?)(If you have said skirt, I apologize.  I am just not that girl.)(Seriously, I love the material and I love skirts.  Just not the combination of the two and definitely not in metallic red.)

I tried most of them on and SURPRISE! they didn’t fit.  I know.  You just fell out of your chair in the shock, right?  But what really did surprise me (I’m being serious here) is that a lot of them?  Came CLOSE to fitting.  Like, were I not so incredibly insecure with myself, I could conceivably wear them.  TODAY. 

So I’m all sorts of renewed now.  We’re coming up on my favorite clothes season (I can ROCK the HELL out of some sweaters, boy), and I have such a huge and fantastic fall/winter wardrobe that I’m dying to wear again.  Silk, angora, wool.. not a polyester sweater in the bunch.  I’m DYING to get in them.

Once I get some sleep.

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