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Elaine said I should.  And since it’s 3:15 and my first chance to sit down at my desk today, I agree.

1. What time did you get up this morning?
5:45 a.m.

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Eh.  Neither?

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
“The Ruins”.  Great gore, STUPID ass plotline.

4. What is your favorite TV show ?
It’s way sophomoric, but Aqua Teen Hungerforce is something we can ALWAYS watch together.  It only takes 12 minutes, and it gives us tag lines for the rest of the day.

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Watch Her Unravel

I’m about to undergo radio silence, so I thought I’d pop in for a minute and let you know why.

Yesterday was Bryan’s birthday, which you already knew.  And we bought a house yesterday, which you probably already knew, too.

This morning has been nuts.  Out of nowhere, the Binja has gotten this horrible, hacking cough that kept him awake all of last night. (And us, too.) So he’s with me now, resting in his swing, while I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. (And those of you who are like, “No, you’re not, you’re blogging” can freakin’ BITE ME.  I type uber fast, okay?)

Charlie got out this morning.  Found a woman walking a chihuahua.  THAT was fun.  

I think the bedrooms are ready to move.  The bathroom is packed up.  I’m now sitting in the living room and trying to figure out what to pack.  We have more books than anything else in the world, and books are so tricky to pack.  You throw too many in a box, and you can’t lift it.

I don’t own enough lexapro to get through this, I think.

We’re moving small stuff over today and big stuff over tonight.  And tomorrow we’re both going to work and the child is going to daycare and we’re going to pretend that we live in boxes all the time.

And of course, we have The Boy this weekend.  Which means an extra pair of hands.  I know he’d rather play Wii all weekend, but he’s got to help.  I’m not setting up a house by myself in time for a FREAKING PRODUCTION MEETING on Tuesday that my husband scheduled. (REALLY, BRYAN?!)

Just think, Sarah.. wine refrigerator.  Working oven and stove.  TWO BATHROOMS.

It will all be okay.

I’ll see you on the other side.

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Him: Well, I had to have a sausage biscuit!  I was starving!  I was not feeling good hungry!

Me: Bryan, you have an excuse every time you eat junk food!  I wasn’t feeling good or my blood sugar was low!  I’m anemic, but you don’t hear me using that as an excuse to go binge on hamburgers!

Him: It’s because you just eat all the damn time.


Him: .. well.. i mean.. you just eat when you want to..


Him: You have ire?

Me: Oh, yes.  I have the ire eyes.

Him: Those look like Bette Davis eyes.  Or Marty Feldman eyes.


Me: You just can’t make a good argument, can you?

Him: Your momma makes a good argument.

Me: Nice.



Today is Bryan’s birthday.  He is thirty-some-odd years old.  He still plays with my hair every night before we fall asleep.  We never finish each other’s sentences.  Since we started dating, he has tried sushi, calamari, crawfish, and other foods he would never touch before.  I am now married (to him) with a child (by him).  We are buying our first house today.

All of the things that I feared would grow old and tedious have not.  All of the things I thought would get stuck in a rut did not.  Bryan is still as amazing and adventurous as he was when we first met, the guy who would spend money he didn’t have on gerber daisies to bring to my door.  Which I always ruined because I didn’t think he should have to come to my door, because this is not the antebellum south.

We have a simple life now, one that I relish every day.  Our mornings and evenings are routine, with a comforting ease to them.  Going out to eat is an extravagance that we don’t take lightly.  He tells me I’m beautiful 937 times a day, and every now and again, I believe him.  I fit amazing well in the crook of his arm when we sleep.  He is an amazing find, and I’m so lucky to have found him.

Happy birthday, BB.  Cranberry sauce, Happy Bunnies, and you make my parachute yellow.

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Catchin’ Up.

So, I feel horrible.  Here I go, all silent for a few days.  So I’ll catch you up.

Thursday was my last day on my old program.  Which I finally feel comfortable naming here, since I’m not there anymore.  I previously worked on a missile defense program based here in town, which was a great group of people, but not necessarily a program I believed in.  It helped that we worked on DEFENSIVE missiles, meant to merely detonate already launched projectiles before they enter our airspace, but still.. I worked in a program that developed long-range weapons.  And I’m a hippie.

My last day was unexpected and very sweet.  Out of nowhere, I was thrown not one but two going away parties.  Complete with cakes.  Lots and lots of cake. (I’m not much a cake person, but one of them was from Peggy Ann Bakery.  OHMYGODMUSTSHOVELINMOUTHBYHANDFULS.)

Of course, the flip side of that was a manager telling me he didn’t think I was qualified for my new job. Said I wasn’t experienced enough.  Also said he didn’t feel qualified to judge my integrity.  At which point, I said, “Then perhaps you’re not qualified to do this at all.”  I won’t miss some things.

Friday was my first day on my new job: same company, different program, different contract.  I got there early to meet my new boss and figure out what exactly I’m doing.  Especially since, you know, I’m not qualified for it.

Dude, about ten a.m., my chest was ready to explode from the excitement.  Not only am I extremely qualified to do this job, but I can do it WELL.  I can ROCK at it.  And it’s a program that I’m seriously excited about.  It’s not just a paycheck anymore; it’s something I really believe in.

Oh, and one of my duties (that is so cool) is to set up a new facility.  IN NEW-FREAKIN-ORLEANS.  So, you know, I have to travel there a lot.  ON THE COMPANY DIME.  What a hard life.

This weekend has been busy but productive.  Had a hellified yard sale on Saturday and got rid of everything we wanted to.  Bryan’s been great about getting the house packed up.  I TOTALLY SUCK AT MOVING.  I cannot function in a house of chaos.  Ask Bryan.  My physical being changes.  I often will sit in the middle of a room to be packed or mid-pack and just stare, because the hamster falls dead on the wheel in my head.  So Bryan just sucks it up and packs. (While I can’t pack up a house, I am a HELLUVA unpacker.)

The week ahead is crammed with STUFF.  We close on our new house, move in, celebrate Bryan’s birthday, celebrate The Boy’s birthday, and who knows what else.  I’m taking two days off to get everything signed and some smaller stuff taken over.  I’m so ready to be over there.  Every time I do something.. take a shower, a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher.. I do a mental calculation of how many more days I will be doing it in this house.  HOORAY FOR BEING GROWN-UP HOMEOWNERS.

I wish you all the best Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy your time and remember those who gave us our freedoms.

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You people who drive around at dawn on your weekend to yard sale shop?


Thank you for buying my shit.

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