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In a Very YouTube Mood

I have very distinct ideas of how I want to raise my child.

The bulk of which can be summed up by the $30 I spent in DVDs today, containing FIVE Dr. Seuss/Chuck Jones cartoons that I grew up with, my favorite being The Lorax. Enjoy.

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For Scout

(Really, for Steve. It’ll be his ass in line to get one.)

Is it just me, or is this terrifying?

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This scares the shit out of me.  Nuff said.

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Asking Your Opinion on Religion.

Bryan and I went to Chili’s for dinner some time back, and while we ate wordlessly (we were both numb with exhaustion), I noticed a lady at another table mutter a prayer over her food, genuflect, and then smile before taking her first bite.  I was immediately overcome with jealousy.

There are times when I crave something that concrete to believe in, something that regimented and firm, so that I could go through those motions a few times a day and feel like I’d done everything necessary to be blessed for another day.

My house is a very spiritual one, but we don’t really conform topractice any one religion.  We also don’t belong to any church, nor do we visit them.  Our Sunday mornings are typically spent at home, lazily watching Spongebob every other weekend.

We don’t judge those who worship faithfully (obviously).  We’re just not like that.

I asked Bryan how we planned to explain Easter to our child when he was old enough to understand the concept, seeing as how we don’t really exercise “faith” that way.  How are we supposed to impart the wisdom of a book that we don’t really put a lot of stock in?  And we’re supposed to claim reverence on this holiday?  Might as well worship St. Patrick, while we’re at it.

Bryan said that, even if we don’t discuss religious ramifications, we should explain and enforce morality. (I withheld the “DUH” that suddenly filled my mouth.  No, we should allow him to run about as a heathen, godless and evil.) I have no issue with explaining the reason behind the holiday, but I also feel we should give the same effort to holidays we don’t normally celebrate: Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc.  I will learn to spell them by then, honest.

I think we will raise our son to believe in a higher power, as we do, and make karma and The Golden Rule our bibles.  The reason for the season, I believe, is to gather with family and friends and treasure all that you’re blessed with. 

So, everyone out there, I open the comments for your opinions. (Please keep them appropriate.  No name-calling, no declaring my family morally corrupt, etc.) If you’ve raised children in the same way, tell me how you did it.  If you’re a stout, church-going family, how do you balance out all that your child learns?  And, lastly, what in the HELL does a bunny have to do with Easter?

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Vagina Home Songs

It is momentarily quiet at the Brown-Comer household.  Bryan is taking a well-deserved nap, as is Binja.  Binja woke up SCUH-REAMING last night and nothing made him happy.  Sure enough, the poor child had a low fever and could not get comfortable.  After Bryan reached his wits’ end, I rocked the baby until he finally could be laid down without exploding.   

Today, everyone seems much happier. Bryan and Charlie took a walk down to the market to pick up the morning paper, while I hosed off our child as a result of a toxic diaper. (Random: while exersaucers are great for many things, they don’t contain poop well.) We pretended to go through the real estate listings, and then I begged Bryan to go take a nap. Now, it’s warm and silent in my house, and I’m loving being here.

We had a great time this weekend at the Monologues; it was so wonderful to see so many familiar faces! Friday night was just stuffed with people I adored, which is awesome. Last night, the Coven met for dinner at Steph’s before making our way to the Monkey, which was a fabulous way to start the evening. (There was wine.) Then we all sprawled out on couches backstage and gossiped for hours. (More wine.) Then we helped demolish the leftover vagina lollipops (to soak up the wine). I drove Steph home and we praised ourselves on another successful fundraiser.

I have to admit, while I knew little to no one in the audience last night, I was impressed with my own performance. Continue Reading →

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