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Just Friday Stuff.

It has been a helluva week. 

I had really hoped today would be easy.  I mean, I went to GREAT LENGTHS to make today easy.  And I had lunch plans!  That involved sushi! 

And, as could be predicted, it went to hell in a handbasket.  Everyone’s in SUCH an ugly mood around here.  It’s horrible.

And no sushi.  None. (Monday, right?)

At this risk of looking majorly clingy, I read this post today and it made me guffaw.  The clingy part is where we emailed further AND I added her to my Google Links AND now I’m linking to her in this post.  I swear I’m not clingy.  I’m a redhead, after all.

So while we were temporarily evicted, my second (and final, now) month of my pre-packaged food diet came in.  I have a bone to pick about this that I realized as I unpacked my next month of food.  As in most of these kinds of diets, you can pick your meals.  I picked what sounded okay to me the first month, and through trial-and-error I’ve learned what I will eat (cheese tortellini and three-cheese chicken pasta) and what I won’t (why did I pick split pea soup?).  So I tailored my second month to that knowledge.

THEY STILL SENT ME CRAP I WON’T EAT.  I was livid.  So instead of lunches ONLY consisting of cheese tortellini and tomato-and-corn chowder, I received ANOTHER two things of split pea soup, chicken a la king, and beef stew.  STEW?  SERIOUSLY?  So, I will not be continuing this.  Split pea soup.  BLECH.

(In defense of split pea soup, I had some very good split pea soup in the town of Solvang, CA.  But I cannot eat it without envisioning The Exorcist.)

In other news, we had a fantabulous rehearsal last night for The Vagina Monologues.  If you’re in our lovely little Northern Alabama metro, you should definitely come out to see it in March.  I am the angry vagina.  And I sure do love saying that.

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Moxie’s Challenge

So Ask Moxie came up with a 60 Day Challenge.

It starts today.  I linked to it awhile back and said that my post outlining my three goals would be forthcoming.  And then I totally forgot about it until she reposted today.

I like this challenge because you’re not going to do it perfectly.  That’s part of it.  If you miss it a day, you still keep going.  So here are my three things for the challenge:

I’m going to run three times a week.  I worded it specifically like that so that I can not have a goal every day, and if I just get too busy or tired to do every Mon/Wed/Fri, I can squeeze a Tue/Thur session in there, or maybe get some time at lunch to put on my tennies and head out.

I’m going to drink the recommended 8 8-oz glasses of water a day.  I used to be REALLY good at this until I had a baby.  For whatever reason, I have been detesting water since I gave birth.  But I’m going to get back into it.  I just feel better when I drink water.

I’m going to dedicate more to my savings.  I know that doesn’t sound like it’s part of the challenge, but I read somewhere that you should ideally have $2k in savings at any given time.  I don’t.  Don’t get me wrong; I have some savings.  But like a lot of America, we live paycheck to paycheck, and savings seems like a luxury.  I’m going to revamp my stance on savings and make it a priority. 

So those are my three things.  Wanna join? 

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Karma, You Can Kiss My Grits.

I’ve been on radio silence for the last two days, because every time I turned around SOMETHING ELSE WENT KAPUT.  Seriously.  It’s been a helluva week in our world, and while we’ve come out unscathed (thus far), we’re freakin’ exhausted and counting our blessings where we find them.

Very, VERY random things to catch you up:

  • You cannot connect brass fittings to a plastic hose.
  • Fix-a-Flat means your tire must be replaced.
  • WalMart is, in fact, owned and operated by Lucifer himself.
  • Philosophy’s Shear Splendor smells like lemon custard.
  • Cajun french fries do not taste cajun and taste very little like french fries.
  • Cats do NOT like contract workers.
  • There is no available child care in this city.

Got it?  Good.  Now you’re all caught up.

Moving on: it snowed all day yesterday.  Big ole fat snowflakes.  Which is uncommon here in HuntsVegas.  It never accumulated, but it was so cool to watch.

I have not run since last week.  I’m feeling it in my hips.

Tonight, for the first time this week, we’re sleeping in our bed at our house.  This is SO INCREDIBLY EXCITING.  Many, many thanks to my family for letting us crash at their pad while we had major construction on our house.  It was fun, but we are so ready to just sit around in our underwear and scratch ourselves.

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I personally love Mighty Girl’s lists, and this list of perfect host/ess gifts is truly superb.  I can personally attest to the lavender earl grey tea.. yummy.

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Apparently there’s a new FICO Scoring to be adapted in May, so you may want to get your credit card debt under control now.

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