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My husband, who is fabulous and amazing and all that jazz, has offered to pick up Tony this afternoon so that I have an hour or so to myself.

That sounded really good, in theory, but I’m freaking out.

It’s like, A WHOLE HOUR?  But then again, I’m faced with the overwhelming list of things I would do if I didn’t have to be responsible for anyone.  Visit the gym.  Go to the mall.  Go have a drink.  Finally vacuum my car out.  But..

I don’t know what to do by myself. 

So I’m blogging.

There are times when I look at myself in the mirror and think, “Who are you and where in the hell did Sarah go?”  This is one of those times.

Wish me luck.  I’ve got to occupy myself for an hour.

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Bryan, I will allow you to get another cat if we can get one of these.

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Why You Should NEVER Leave Work.

Because I typically follow the law of Dooce, I don’t blog about work.  I try not too.  Sometimes, I will be so riled up however, that I cannot help myself.

Like today.

SO.  I returned to work on 01/21.  My doctor’s office faxed in a hand-written note from the doctor THAT day, and I also called my company’s leave management department to verify that I had returned.  Tuesday, they said they had received it and all was well.

Wednesday (the 23rd) I tried to access an online system I use for my job and it wouldn’t let me in.  Said I wasn’t an “ACTIVE” employee.  So I called Leave Management.  They said they hadn’t received anything from my doctor.

But the note? I asked.

Not official, they said.

So my doctor’s office faxed over the company’s OFFICIAL RETURN TO WORK form on Thursday.  I called on Friday morning and they said, “Well, it takes 24 to 48 hours to register in the system.”

So I waited. Continue Reading →

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I thought this was THE COOLEST IDEA EVER.  I would’ve eaten this up as a child.  It will definitely be part of The Boy’s birthday this year.  Provided we let him live that long.

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Be warned: although this is not the actual video, if you’ve ever loved a cow, even the printed story is enough to break your heart.

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