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Warning: Breasts are Mentioned Abundantly

First and foremost, I feel the need to clarify that this was MY experience with breastfeeding.  Not everyone will have this experience, but because I could not find a single soul who shared my experience, I wanted to put it out there.

It was decided early, without any argument or discussion, that I would breastfeed.  Aside from the monetary attributes of breastfeeding, it also passes so many fabulous immunities and nutrients to the baby that it seemed stupid not to.  I watched all the videos about breastfeeding, I read tons of books, I practiced the various “holds”.  I wanted it to be perfect.

When Tony was born, I requested that we try and breastfeed as soon as possible.  I had read study after study about how beneficial that is to the bond of mother and child, and had found several videos that advocated letting him do the “breast crawl”, where the newborn will literally wiggle around on mom’s belly until he finds the nipple.  Once all of the family left the room, I opened my shirt and stuck him up there.  But he was too tired to try, and quite frankly after 2.5 hours of solid pushing, I was too tired to force him into it.  So we waited a day.

He latched on fine the next day, but didn’t suckle.  I immediately used my resources and requested help from the lactation consultants that work at the hospital.  The specialist stopped by that afternoon and confirmed that I was doing everything right.. she was actually impressed with my prowess as a first time mom.  But I was worried sick that he wasn’t getting any food. Continue Reading →

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.. and to all, a good night.

It’s officially Christmas.

My Christmas present came a bit early, when I finally got the nursery functional and I got to A) sleep in a bed instead of on a couch and B) sleep in a bed with my husband, a perk I haven’t had since before I’d given birth.  This also helps with my sleeping routine; instead of just not going to bed, we take turns with feedings.  Oh so amazing, let me tell you.

When I was worried about losing my bachelorette freedoms before I had the baby, one of my managers calmed me by saying, “You will never remember life before the baby.  Every day is such an adventure, you’ll never remember what you’re missing.”  It’s exactly right.  It drives me crazy to conceive that it’s only been two weeks that we’ve had this little bundle, because how did we ever NOT have him?  You’re telling me it’s only been two weeks?  But he’s got so much personality, so many faces.. only two weeks?! 

We’ve been sucking at updating and taking pictures, I know.  But with Christmas sneaking up on us (does it really come on the 25th?  EVERY year?), we’ve been exhausted and crazy busy.  But rest assured, everything is well.  Tony isn’t doing any cool tricks yet (we feel like he’ll be crawling ANY day now), but he is incredibly cuddly and cute.  Bryan and I are surviving, although we’re admittedly running on fumes.  We actually had the conversation last night that, perhaps, we don’t need any more kids.  This parenting crap is so tiring.

I hope everyone has a happy and fulfilling holiday, complete with family and food.  I hope the holiday finds and leaves you safely, and that your blessings are too numerous to count.  And, of course, I hope that you get at least one present that totally woofs your tweeter.

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