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Too Cute for Words.

santa2Originally uploaded by Bryan Comer.

I’m stealing this from my husband’s Flickr stream because I thought he was going to explode if I made him wait one more minute to share this photo with the world. Bryan has been so adamant about Tony having his picture taken with Santa that it’s bordered on obsessive. I, honestly, could’ve cared less. (He’s too young to look cute. And venturing to the mall would mean I’d have to shower. And be in public.) But, to ease his need to stand in line with eighty-thousand other kids, I obliged him today.

It really wasn’t all bad. The mall was more crowded than the day after Thanksgiving, and they seemed to mostly be teenagers, so that part sucked royal ass. But for the most part, Christmas spirit was abounding. That, and people get out of your way if they think you’ll plow them down with a huge stroller.

Tony had his own way of dealing with the crowds, as we found out as we sat down to lunch. We knew the hat was too big, but damn, it was just too cute to pass up. And I think the ode to Mush Mouth was sweet.

How Tony Handles Holiday Crowds

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