Archive | December 16, 2007

Update from the Household

Things are looking up here in the house, which is good. 

I finally bit the bullet (which feels like a pun, but I don’t think it is) last night and put Tony back ..

.. I’m sorry.  I’m trying to write this post but am being constantly inundated by a “Hey, Sarah.. look at this!” every two minutes.  It’s been an adjustment over here, having an only child suddenly be a big brother.  It’s consisted of Bryan being pulled 90% of the time into the world of “Hey, Dad.. wanna play Gamecube with me?” and “Hey, Dad.. wanna watch cartoons with me?” and “Hey, Dad.. will you just breathe the same air with me and put that baby down and please spend every waking moment with me?”.  We’re not sure how to deal with this just yet.. and Lord knows I won’t put up with the monopoly for long.  And he just wandered into his room to suck his thumb.  Yes, it’s been THAT weekend. 

Anyway, I finally started putting Tony back on the boob last night.  He’s now taking both boobs.  Hallelujah.  Another miracle is that he slept almost all night last night (except for the feedings, as it should be).  So I got about six hours, and then Bryan got up with him this morning, allowing me a straight four hours.  Oh, it was awesome.  If I had a reason to, I would consider putting on makeup today.  But I don’t, so instead I became a real person by wearing jeans.

Mom reminded me that Christmas is, you know, just a week away.  We have not a tree, I have not bought a single present, and I was unaware that we were that close to the holiday.  I am officially the Grinch this year; I’m not bitter or angry towards the holiday, but I’d just as well skip over it.  It’s just not convenient for me.


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