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Ona.. Anomat.. something-pee-ah.

Because I am a sucker for descriptive written noises.. which has a technical literary name that I can pronounce but can’t spell. “Pew pew pew” is second only to “nom nom nom”.

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Et tu, Akismet?

So, Christina and Jamie both mentioned that my site was eating their comments, and I TOTALLY meant to go back and check, especially when Zoot wrote about Akismet having weird spikes lately.  I went back in during a quiet moment this afternoon and GOD LOVE YOU PEOPLE, you’ve been leaving me witty and supportive comments since late November and they’ve been eaten!!

With the exception of one from Doug, the filter seemed to be catching all HerHangOut blogs, which is unfortunate and bizarre.  I love the little webring those ladies have going, and I wish I had had those laughs and hugs when I was down and out.

Anyway, just a short note to let you know that it SHOULD be fixed now and thank you so much for being so awesome so often. 

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For Mom

So I called this morning (around 10:00 a.m.) to verify that Tony’s appointment with his pediatrician was at 2:30.  As I wrote it down on Monday morning. 

Nope.  Was this morning.  At 8:00 a.m.

After admitting that I am clearly the mother of a newborn and not sleeping soundly, we rescheduled for tomorrow morning, but the very anal and organized side of me feels like a complete and total moron for not writing that down.  “How in the world did I just pull some arbitrary time out of thin air like that?” I asked Bryan.  “I wrote down two-thirty.”

Bryan didn’t flinch.  “You must’ve thought you were taking him to the dentist,” he shrugged.

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