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Mother of the Year Entry


So, when I last left you, we had been spoiled with a hotel room and no baby.  Karma got us back swiftly by sending us the INFANT FROM HELL the next day, where he did not sleep and basically fussed for five hours straight.  While Sarah was alone and Bryan was off being a basketball coach.  Five hours of a baby who will not let you put him down.  Argh.  When Bryan finally came home, I basically threw the baby at him.  I had to pee, I hadn’t eaten since that morning, and I couldn’t hear any more crying in my ear.  When Bryan couldn’t calm him either (when you’re a first time mom, you immediately assume that you’re just doing something stupid and THAT’S why the baby is crying), I realized that the baby was obviously not happy about something that WASN’T me.  And because I’m an Italian and we do guilt amazingly well, I immediately assumed that it was because of the formula we were feeding him.

I had read the back of the formula can carefully, and jumped onto the company’s website for more info, when we began using formula.  It said most infants feed every 3-4 hours, maybe longer between feedings.  I had been sticking to that schedule.  2 oz, every 4 hours.  And the baby cried constantly.  Was it gas?  The Mylicon wasn’t helping, if it was.  Maybe an intolerance to lactose?  Jesus help him if I passed him my food issues.  Then I found this on the website:

 Most babies take 4 oz within the first month at each feeding. 

 Well holy hell!  How was I supposed to know that we had upped his feeding amount?  Where is that chart?!  So we started giving the child more food and VOILA!, he is once again the most happy baby on the planet.  As it turns out, babies are so much more cordial if you don’t starve them.  Dur.

Saturday was MUCH better.  I was like SuperMom on crystal meth.  I got the house cleaned and scrubbed, I went grocery shopping, I purchased a baby monitor and hooked it up, I got loads of laundry done.. and most importantly, I got our room set up so Bryan and I could sleep in our bed (versus the nursery) like grown-ups.  It was awesome.

Yesterday, we drove down to Jasper to visit Bryan’s family for the day.  It was exhausting.  I never thought driving 1.5 hours with an infant would be, but I am still worn out.  Everyone loved the baby, though, and he got TONS of cute stuff for Christmas.  We also got some invaluable shots of generations of Comers.

As the New Year approaches, I have no idea what to make as resolutions.  My whole world is 180 degrees from where it was a month ago, so trying to look 12 months ahead seems futile.  Yes, our household mantra is “Get healthier & lose baby weight”, but on a personal level?  I’m going to work on asking for help this new year.  I think I’ve sufficiently proven to the world that I’m a capable, independent woman, so now I need to shrug off this need to do everything myself and start asking for help when I need it.

(Honestly, losing weight sounds WAY easier.) 

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A HUGE thanks to my parents, who spoiled us last night by taking Tony for the evening and giving us a room at the Marriott. 

I remember the good ole days, when a night in a hotel meant all sorts of scandalous activities.  In reality?  We went to dinner, where I had a drink, then we went back to the room and fell asleep. 

We fell asleep in a huge, king-sized bed with a pillow top mattress and goose down bedding.  It was so incredibly amazing.  Truly.  Argh.  The loveliness of it all is overwhelming. (We may be buying some down bedding.  Mmm.)

Anyway, I then slept in until 9 a.m. today.  Nine in the morning.  OHMYGOD.  It was the best vacation ever.

So again.. HUGE THANKS. 

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Happy Family

Tony 040

Originally uploaded by Bryan Comer.

Thanks to Doug for the fabulous gumbo, the amazing Marley lullabyes, and the precious pictures of our new family.

Five Points holds the coolest people in it.

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Why is it that EVERY TIME I’m the only one home, and Tony has created a diaper monstrous enough that I’m having to strip down to nothing and literally cut him out of his clothes, THAT’S when Huntsville Utilities knocks on my door and says that they HAVE to get back in my backyard, and could I round up the dogs and lock them up?

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Warning: Breasts are Mentioned Abundantly

First and foremost, I feel the need to clarify that this was MY experience with breastfeeding.  Not everyone will have this experience, but because I could not find a single soul who shared my experience, I wanted to put it out there.

It was decided early, without any argument or discussion, that I would breastfeed.  Aside from the monetary attributes of breastfeeding, it also passes so many fabulous immunities and nutrients to the baby that it seemed stupid not to.  I watched all the videos about breastfeeding, I read tons of books, I practiced the various “holds”.  I wanted it to be perfect.

When Tony was born, I requested that we try and breastfeed as soon as possible.  I had read study after study about how beneficial that is to the bond of mother and child, and had found several videos that advocated letting him do the “breast crawl”, where the newborn will literally wiggle around on mom’s belly until he finds the nipple.  Once all of the family left the room, I opened my shirt and stuck him up there.  But he was too tired to try, and quite frankly after 2.5 hours of solid pushing, I was too tired to force him into it.  So we waited a day.

He latched on fine the next day, but didn’t suckle.  I immediately used my resources and requested help from the lactation consultants that work at the hospital.  The specialist stopped by that afternoon and confirmed that I was doing everything right.. she was actually impressed with my prowess as a first time mom.  But I was worried sick that he wasn’t getting any food. Continue Reading →

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