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Happy Halloween!

It occurred to me just yesterday that I haven’t put up a single Halloween decoration in our house.  Not a one.  No cobwebs, no spiders, no glowing eyes, no nothing.  And I felt very sad and ashamed of how loser-ish this made me.  I LURVE HALLOWEEN, but this year, I just didn’t have the energy.

So Bryan bought a hanging, shaking, monstrous grim reaper to hang in our front yard.  It’s totally awesome.  Throw in our hellhounds that greet you when you ring the doorbell, and it’s one scary residence.

I also did not dress up at work this year, which is the first year in many, many years.  I typically wear Daddy’s old hippie garb, but of course, I’m carrying a small gourd in my belly that makes everything NOT FIT.  Had I been ultimately creative, I would’ve gone to work as Rosemary or even Britney Spears (complete with other baby velcroed to my hip), but I was not that creative.

We didn’t even carve a pumpkin this year, so I just am sucking at this holiday stuff.  I can’t imagine what a catastrophe Christmas will be at this rate.

BUT, having said all of that, The Boy is set to be a vampire for the evening, and Sarah will be sitting her pregnant, huge ass at home.  I don’t know what Bryan is dressing up as.

But I do LURVE this picture he made.

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Throwin’ the Boomerang

Here’s the deal in life:

You have to be nice to people.

Here’s the deal in business:

You have to be nice and consistent with people.

Here’s the deal in community:

You have to be nice, consistent, and fair with people.

I get severely annoyed when these aren’t followed.  And as always, what goes around will come around.  Huntsville is the smallest big town I know.

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Caroline Has Me Hooked.

Although the grammar CONSTANTLY makes me cringe.

lolcats and funny pictures

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More Pregnancy Blather

Craziness: on Thursday, I file for my maternity leave.  Our short-term disability company won’t allow you to file more than 30 days before your anticipated leave, so it’s been something I’ve put off into the “not for a long, long time” category.  You know, along with packing a hospital bag and getting a prenatal massage.

I’m now working from home one day a week (Tuesdays), which makes a HUGE difference in my energy, believe it or not.  It makes such a profound difference to not have to make myself “work-presentable”, although I do make myself get up, get dressed, and at least get “run to the store” presentable.

Next week, I begin my once a week prenatal visits.  I understand that these come with cervix checks.  And yes, they are as fun as they sound.  But we’re nearing the end of the tunnel. (Odd visual: the combo of a cervix and a tunnel reference.)

However, sadly, all of this means that I’m so freakin’ focused on having a baby that I have little else to talk about.  I come home from work, put my feet up, and watch tv.  It’s a riveting life, I know.   It’s enough to make me stir-crazy.  I’m considering picking up some cross-stitching or sudoku (God forbid.. math!?) just to keep from going all “RED RUM” on the animals.

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Why Bryan Rocks My Socks

The Best Baby Daddy EVER

Originally uploaded by SarahLena.
Last night, while I was cooking, I phoned Bryan (who was working on a set) and asked him to pick up some milk on his way home.

When he made it home, not only did he have milk, but he also had TONS of various things I had off-handedly mentioned having cravings for. (Not included in this pic is the red velvet cake we devoured shortly after dinner, the potato chips, and the giant bag of candy he says is for Halloween, but we all know better.)

He rocks.

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