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What a Great Start to a Holiday.

It’s Friday.  So I’ve been told.

It’s crazy busy over here, with everyone out on vacation.  I knew today was going to be this way, so I took it WAY easy last night, and made sure to get out the door this morning just a few minutes earlier than I had to be.

I made it to my car when my deaf dog, Mabel, trotted up to me.

Just so we’re all clear, my deaf dog Mabel doesn’t LIVE on that side of our fence.  She is wet from head to toe, and she’s VERY excited.

I am not.

That’s when I notice that someone has finagled our gate open.  This is not an uncommon occurance in Five Points; it’s often how kids prank the adults.  Ha. Ha.  I laughed long and hard at that prank.

Charlie was just a streak of white, up and down our street.  I tried to coax Mabel into the house with a dog treat, but to no avail.  They were both gone.  No trace of them anywhere.

I ran inside to change shoes (so I could run), grabbed a leash and headed out.  This part sucks, because Bryan is out of town, so they could come home and I wouldn’t know.  I called for Charlie, since he’s the only one that can hear, which feels futile because he’s also the one who won’t come back.

Here’s the question of the day: you see a seven month pregnant woman, jogging down the street, holding an empty leash, and alternating between sobbing and crying out a dog’s name.  Is THAT the woman that you slow your car, lower your window, and ASK DIRECTIONS OF?!  I wish a thousand flea bites on that man who stopped me to ask me where Dixson street was.

By now, I’m REALLY late for work and I don’t know what to do.  I’m sweating, my pulse is WAY too high to be safe for the baby, and all is lost.  And I spot my baby Mabel trotting toward the backyard.  Charlie is about twenty yards behind her.

I stand at our back gate, and ask Charlie if he wants to go for a walk.  He comes right to me and sits.  He is covered from head to toe in some feces.. the origin of which is beyond my recognition.  They are both soaked.  I leash Charlie up and get him inside, with Mabel following.  Thank GOD they travel in a pack.  Charlie is often the only reason Mabel isn’t hit by cars when they get out.

I got to work right in time for my first meeting, covered in sweat and smelling like wet dog and whatever that damn dog rolled in.  Which is great, because Fridays bring a high level meeting with our customers.  It’s been a great Friday.  Truly.  Amazing.

(Yes, I know to count my blessings.  All of my animals are in my house.  Stinky and dirty, but in my house.)

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Hook Me Up with a Link.

Man.  I don’t know about the rest of you working class, but this is about the point when my “it’s a holiday weekend coming up” starts to kick in.  I have no motivation AT ALL to do anything.  I have stuff I could do, but it’s all kinda meaningless and busy-work, so I’m finding reasons to stall.  I’m putting off being productive until after the holiday.

Which means I’m shopping a lot online.

Steph sent me a link to Nine West’s new line of jeans (email subject line: “So there is a God.”), so I started there.  But since I’m not quite in the “normal” jeans again, I went back to my loves: Old Navy and Gap.

And it’s in!  The fall lines are here!  Tweeds, wools, sweaters, boots, herringbones!  Rich colors, great textures, and tons of layering options.  This is my season.  My hair matches everything so well.

This weekend signals my favorite time of year.  It starts on Saturday at 7:05, when Bama kicks off its season with a new coach.  Then the weather will start to cool down, and every Saturday will be spent around a tv.. napping, while we pretend to watch the SEC.  There will be leaves to rake, and chilli to cook, and FUDGE.. oh, this makes me very, very happy.

Since I have a few more hours today to kill (tomorrow is pretty much swallowed whole by a meeting), I ask you: what do you visit online when you’re trying to kill time?

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Random Baby Thoughts

I realized, when I woke up this morning, that I am never pregnant in my dreams.  I never have a child, I’m never bulging around the tummy, and I’m just me.  This has both concerned me and fascinated me since I made this connection.  One, because I feel the need to sit up and verify that I am, in fact, still pregnant every time I wake up and two, because I fear that my psyche has not yet accepted the baby.

Not that the psyche gets a vote, mind you.  The baby is coming, for sure. 

And get this: I will begin my 27th week of pregnancy on my 27th birthday.  Odd?  Yes.  You pair that with the fact that Tony’s conception was on THE IDES OF MARCH, and it’s incredibly likely that my child will come out with a 666 on his forehead.

Then there will be a battle of epic proportions to determine who the real anti-Christ will be.  Because we all know the other contenders out there.  I’ll buy a ticket.

Although I’m slowly creeping into the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy, I’m starting to find a lot of peace with it.  I enjoy the kicking now, and miss it if it lessens.  I cry just thinking about holding Tony for the first time. (Yes, me.  I’m that girl now.) And when we brought crib pieces in last night, I was suddenly struck with the knowledge that my baby will sleep there.  My. Baby.  Weird, huh?

But my favorite story about Tony thus far (other than his massive man-parts, which are still the stuff legends are made from), is that all of “my guys” here at work give me a hard time about the baby. (I say “hard”.. it’s just a lot of male ribbing, which I can give out as well as I can take.) They accuse me of faking the pregnancy, telling me I’m just trying to hide the extra weight I’ve put on. (Which is when I point out their gray hair, bald spots, and “baby weight”.)

One meeting, I was sitting at the computer, and was holding my tummy as Tony was being especially active.  One of those same managers walked by, and said, “Quit acting like there’s a baby in there!  There’s just NOT.”

And my son, the one with our comic timing, kicked my belly so hard that my badge flipped over.

He is SO our kid.

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Use “such-as”. No, really.

Poor Miss South Carolina.  She gave a bad answer.  (You can find her answer in the Asides section to your right.. which I suggest you do.)

Bill alerted me to it yesterday and we agreed that clips like that actually make you stupider by listening to them. (I’ve listened to the Miss S.C. answer a few times now, which entitles me to use the word “stupider”.)

Today’s contribution comes from The Morning Toast, and it made me laugh.  Considerably.

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Weird Links and the Coven

So I had some odd hits this morning.  I LOVE new traffic, don’t get me wrong, but I’m always curious as to how they found me.

I followed one of the referrals (you’d be amazed how easy it is to track every single step someone takes online), and I see that has linked to me.!

Which would be fabulous, but they linked to a post that has NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.  So if you’re here because you want to hear some raving about crazy bosses, I apologize.  I quite like all of my bosses, and actually have some very funny stories about them through here.

I’m getting increasingly excited about my birthday.  I typically don’t get excited; my birthday follows an insane FOUR MONTHS OF BIRTHDAYS, so I’m pretty much birthday-ed out by the time mine rolls around.  But this year, there’s going to be a Coven dinner at Sazio’s on Friday night, which makes me happy.  As the baby-time draws closer, I feel the need to pack my friends around me.  And yes, I know how silly that sounds.

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