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Although I’m not the fan that Bryan and others are, this sounds hella cool and I’d totally go.

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I Couldn’t Build an Airplane that Flew.

These are some of LEGO-artist Nathan Sawaya’s inspirational pieces.  I’ve just never seen anything like this and had to share it with you.  JesusGod, this is cool.

(Yes, the reflection on the mirror is ALSO done with LEGOS.)

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Another List..

  • There is something about japanese and thai cuisine that makes me feel so much better after a meal.  I don’t know if it’s the lack of processed foods, or just the combination of spices and herbs, or what, but.. after sushi (and thai), I always feel cleaner.  I know it sounds stupid.
  • Why is it that women, when offering their maternity clothes (which I APPRECIATE, fully!), feel the need to say, “I’ll find some of my bigger stuff for you”?  I’m not delusional.  I’m not going to request all of your XS stuff.
  • This text message made me happy: “I love you.  Let’s take a walk tonight through Maple Hill Cemetary.”
  • One of my managers (the new, FEMALE head honcho) brought me by a certificate of appreciation today.  Why?  Because she said I deserved it. (I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary.)
  • I, for real, could live on edamame. 
  • I stopped by Daddy’s office (really, just to avoid my desk for a bit), and he had some people in there.  I said I had come by to get candy and was disappointed because he had none.  He said, “Just because you’re eating for two now..” and BEAMED as he said it.  He’s so happy to tell people.
  • Has anyone tried the new Google Maps street view?  VERY big-brotherish.
  • Did everyone check the link I put up yesterday for the new Sympathy site?  I fixed the link, in case you tried it and it was defunct. (It was for about the first few hours.)
  • A bastard vending machine downstairs stole my dollar and DID NOT produce my Yoo-Hoo.  Heads will roll.
  • LOVED So You Think You Can Dance last night, although their choices on a few dancers had me scratching my head.  My favorite part is that, after watching the show, Bryan and I think we’re friggin Fred and Ginger.

On that note, I will say: we have decided to take ballroom/swing lessons after the baby’s born to get in shape.  Anyone have any recommendations? (DANI?!)

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13 Weeks.. or something like that.

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so lemme catch you up on the joy that is being pregnant..

.. aaaaand .. we’re done.  That’s it.  That’s all the joy.

That’s not fair.  I should clarify: IT SUCKS.. now.  I have no doubt that it will get REALLY cool when I can feel Lil Peep move, or when we find out the gender, or when it’s closer to and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But now.. again, IT SUCKS.

What’s really getting me now about pregnancy is the flux of hormones.  I am an insane woman right now.  Bryan has been wonderful, only snapping back at me a handful of times (in response to the thousands of times I’ve snapped at him).  I hate not being in control of my mood.

The ups and downs are FIERCE.  I’m currently in a down.  I know that sounds stupid, because I am the Lil Miss Sunshine on here who constantly counts her blessings.  Those blessings still exist, no doubt.  I even had PoBoy Factory this week.

But I feel like crap.

I can’t EVER get comfortable.  I have tingly, creepy-crawly feelings in my legs any time my body rests.  I just feel out of sorts in my own skin.  I don’t want to be touched (until someone does, and then it’s never long enough), I don’t want to talk about the baby, and I don’t want to even pretend to be excited when someone does talk about the baby.  My hair looks like crap, I’m getting fat, and I CHOSE TO DO THIS.

Now, on the good days, the “ups”, it’s great.  I LOVE my body on those days.. it’s cool to watch your body adapt to cradle this little life. (Those days usually involve really good sex with my husband, because — again — I love my body more on those days than I did any days non-pregnant.) I hold my belly and talk to it, and I’m one of those ladies who gladly will tell you her due date.

But, as you can plainly see, those two days are 180 degrees from eachother.  Could you imagine living with me?  Trying to figure out which Sarah you’re talking to that day?  I don’t envy Bryan in the slightest.

So there’s week 13 for you.  Let’s hope week 14 gets here in a hurry.

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A New Day Dawning

I like being “out” at work.  Because it inspires people to say things like, “I would’ve never known!” and “You are one of those cute pregnant ladies!” and “You’re handling it beautifully!”.

And, admittedly, I like to hear all of those things.

Nothing has changed much at work.  I’m still the smart-ass I always am.  I still take three flights of stairs to get to my desk.  I still park in the back parking lot.  I rarely take a lunch break. (I’m going to get better about that one — I swear!)

But it’s different because I don’t feel like I’m carrying a lie. 

Now I can waddle without wondering if people have labeled me as “the tard of the second floor”.  I can hold my tummy when I need to without worrying that it’s silly-looking.  And I can admit that there’s a reason I have weird bodily noises now: “it’s the baby.”


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