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Love, by Whirlpool

My husband is HOTT.

Why?  Because he is.  He totally bought and installed a dishwasher today.

There is nothing hotter than a man taking care of you, especially when you don’t necessarily need it.

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This Has to be the CUTEST THING EVER.

This Has to be the CUTEST THING EVER.

Originally uploaded by SarahLena.

I did not take this picture; Delle and/or John snapped it on their trip to the beach over Spring Break. But I wanted to share it for one simple reason:

This child has figured out that heaven is laying on a soft blanket in the air conditioning, staring out at the beach, and shoving your face into a clear lucite bowl of baby food so that you can still see everything going on in front of you as you snarf it down. Because Lord forbid your view of seagull poop be blocked by room-temperature strained peas.

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I Just Think It’s Hot(t).

Oh, and you know how I have a thing for bad guys?

Lex Luthor is, by far, one of the hottest.  Especially on Smallville. (Y’all know he’s hotter than Superman.  No question.  And he’s RICH.)

Click on my Flickr stream above to see what Bryan and I did last night..

Edit: You have to search the stream.  And no, it’s not MY hair you’re looking for.

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Being a Rolly-Polly Foodie Pays Off.

Because I have a small window of time where I’m waiting for someone else to finish their work before I can do more of mine, I thought I would share two things with you.  One of them is WAY more exciting than the other, but my life is not ALL glamour, you know.

The first thing is that I learned from Zoot that today is Stop Cyberbullying Day.  I have mixed feelings about this.  As someone who was entrenched in a horrible and childish online “feud” (and GOD, was it stupid), I’m a fan of stopping it.  At the same time, I think people cannot be left to their own devices to stop it, and more tools should be made available to ease cyberbullying.  “Spam” filters are great about blocking obscene or unwelcome commenters, and I love the IP Block feature afforded by my server host.  But the truth of it is.. it becomes an addiction.  It takes an immense amount of support and self-restraint to stop. (Or, in some cases, a great bout of Lent.) So I guess the article’s author was right when they said that “the most constructive response is to talk about it.”  Thoughts on Cyberbullying?

The second, and FAR more exciting, thing is that yesterday I had a dream realized: I was invited to attend a tasting.  Yes.  You know I’m doing a happy dance right now.  I got to sample a buffet of a potential contract caterer. 

The company is called Express Food Guys, and their stuff was OHMYGOD good.  I freaked them out by following them around and asking them odd questions about the food. (“Why did you use low-fat feta in the fondue?” made them respond, “How in the world could you tell it was low-fat?”) Needless to say, it was a blessed way to spend an afternoon, and I cannot praise their food and service highly enough.  The most awesome part about their services is that they offer in-home meal delivery, and the prices are INCREDIBLY reasonable. (Especially if you’ve checked out Dinners By Design or places of that ilk.)

Some of my FAVORITE menu items we tried yesterday?

  • Pot-Stickers filled with two cheeses, sausage, and a ranch sauce
  • The afore-mentioned fondue, which rivaled Sazio’s (but they served it on fresh bread, and I prefer the honey-toast)
  • Pesto and sundried tomato bruscetta, topped with feta
  • Homemade crab and lobster dip
  • Smoked chicken salad served in minature pastry cups
  • And these molten chocolate bite-sized brownie things.

So I’m sending everyone their way.. they’re good enough to open a full-fledged restaurant. (At present, they only do catering.. which is sad, because they’re located downtown, and I would walk there every night if they served food there.)

And that’s all I’ve got.  TGIF!!

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The Scary, Unfamiliar (and fun) Book Club.

Today through mid-week next week is looking insane for me, so I need to warn you now that you may have a drought of bowel movement posts, posts about how my hair looks that day, and/or posts that only I think are funny.  I apologize in advance; I hope you will forgive me. (Or not, but keep reading regardless.  You can read mad.  I don’t care.)

Lemme tell you why yesterday was THE BEST DAY EVER:

I was hosting Book Club last night, and had other errands to run, so I took off early to clean the house.  Unbeknownst to me, my hubby had beat me to it.  When I arrived home, the house was SPOTLESS.  I mean, even I was impressed.  So I literally could kick back and watch The People’s Court for an hour.

(Of course, I couldn’t do that.  I tried, but instead, I buzzed around the house finding ANYTHING to do.)

The Boy came over for a visit, sporting his new XCalibur t-shirt from his trip to Vegas.  The one thing he thought was most awesome?  They served chocolate milk at the hotel.  That was it.  Thank God he’s easy to please.

Book Club started pouring in right at seven, and for the first time EVER (and totally worth documenting), everyone brought food.  Okay, Ra sent champagne with Steph, and Kari made the MOST AWESOME pineapple shooters, but no one brought anything to drink.  It was bizarre.  We had copious amounts of food, but I just looked around and wondered: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH THE BOOK CLUB WHO DRINKS?

Ooh, ooh, and THEN.. they talked about the book.  Like, seriously.  And admittedly, it was my book choice and I couldn’t even finish the damn thing. (I could not connect to the main character AT ALL and just started resenting him, which brought on major pangs of guilt that I hated an autistic child.) But, yeah, they started talking about Christ paradigms (which I didn’t get) and panoramic settings (uh huh?) and the argument behind 1 being a prime number. 


You know what I think did it?  I was playing classical jazz in the background.  It’s scientifically proven to make you more intellectual, you know.  Throw in some jello shots and you’re golden.  Frickin’ Einsteins.

Anyway, so we had an awesome time.  I so enjoyed the company. (Caroline, I’m gonna walk over your two bottles of emergency wine today that remained unopen.  And someone brought a pretty ceramic dish that they left.. it had the cheese straws in it?)

Bryan came back as we were wrapping up, and when everyone left and he was helping me straighten up (as I swigged the rest of the merlot from the bottle.. cause I’m a classy biotch), I asked him what he did all evening.  I had told him he wasn’t allowed home, and I blessed him to do whatever he wanted.. book store, strip club, up the mountain, didn’t care.  And what did he do?

“I went shopping for dishwashers, and I found one I really like.  I just need to measure the cabinets.”


So all of the stars have aligned, and things are so working out to be amazing.  More to come.

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