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C’mon, 5 o’clock

So I’m not feeling so hot.  My throat HURTS. 

I hate to even think it could be the “s” word.

But the good news?  The fam and I will be walking to PoBoy’s tonight for dinner.  HOORAY!!

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Bella Paffuto (or “Beautifully Plump”)

Can you overdose on Vitamin C?  Just a thought, as I pound my 2nd 11.5 oz can of V8, which claims to provide 140% of your daily allowance of Vitamin C.

So I was walking in to work this morning and my shadow caught my eye.  Instead of having a total Peter Pan moment, I had a Tinkerbell lapse.  My hips are HUGE.  I sat there, in disgust, and realized I have acheived the typical Italian shape: pear.

From the tip of my head to my waist, it’s fine.  Hell, I would feel comfortable in a bikini, if only that much was shown.  But from the belly button down.. WOW.  Saddlebags, my grandmother’s voice echoed in my head. 

I am the italian woman that italian mothers would want for their italian sons.  Not because I’m smart or talented or well-off.. but because I have BIRTHING HIPS.

So, as if I needed more motivation (although I clearly do, because my ass is immune to anything I’ve been doing), I have been jumpstarted into exercising like a crazy person again.  Tonight, I will visit the gym before Book Club. (Y’all will just have to deal with me sweaty.) And this also gets me “trained” for Pinocchio, which is quickly shaping up to be the Sarah-Olympics.

(Speaking of, last night, Kevin and I were doing a scene, and he went to sweep his arm behind me, and something caught it.  Guess what it was?  That’s right: IT WAS MY TABLE OF AN ASS.)

There’s gotta be something at Costco for me.

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Calling in Biloxi

Know what tickled me plum pink yesterday?  Someone logged in from a hotel room in Mississippi, and the name of the domain provider was IDEALHOS.  Oh, yes, my calling has finally found me.  I am an ideal ho.

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Consider it a Sarah Buffet

I woke up this morning with the Playhouse crud.  Good times, considering I haven’t been IN the Playhouse for three days now.  Maybe it’s just now catching up.  Needless to say, since 9 o’clock last night, I have been downing anything with Vitamin C.  And tea with local honey.  LOTS of honey.

You know what I spend about an hour a day doing?  Fending off amorous engineers.  There are times when I am flattered, and times when I’m kind about it, but today was not that day.  Some man who often (I swear) waits for me in the parking lot cornered me today.  I made idle chat for a few minutes and then noticed that he was inside my space bubble.  I naturally started “gesticulating with my left hand”, and he actually commented on how my wearing (get ready for this engineer response) “a right hand ring on [my] left hand makes [me] look married.”  Yes, he said that.  I responded that I could be completely naked and look married.. BECAUSE I AM.

(It takes an enormous amount of talent to tell a guy off WHILE encouraging him to picture you naked.)

You know what I love?  My hairdresser.  She is so fabulous.  I have more fun going to get my hair cut.. and she remembers me.  From one cut to the next.  It amazes me to no end.  She asked me about my play, how my lobby shots looked, if Bryan’s play went well.. it’s just so cool to have a complete stranger be interested in my life. (Yes, you could counter with “You pay her, Sarah,” but you would be mistaken.. my last hairdresser and I never talked ever.. kindly.)

What else I love?  Working on a show with my husband and my best guy.  THAT is awesome in a way I can’t adequately express.  To be in every scene with the guy who knows my every breath before I take it is fabulous, and to watch the guy I wake up to each morning conquer the stage is amazing.  It makes rehearsals fun.  It’s going to be a fun show.

Enough rambling.  More honey.

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I’ll Google Your Yahoo

I have had more fun playing on Google Earth this afternoon.  It’s so cool to be able to look at old houses I lived at, at Maple Hill Cemetary, and at our little city in general.  Although, if I were a private eye, I would sure as hell use Google Earth, because you can spot cars where they ought not be.

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