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It’s Cold.

It’s cold outside, but there is no snow. Yet. All of the radars show a firm blanket of white over north Alabama, but our sky is clear. It’s coming, they say.

I miss my husband. The house is too quiet, but tv is annoying to have on. I’ve been reading and waiting for him to call so I know he got in.

I just realized that this is my first night (although certainly not the last) to sleep alone as a married woman. And damn, the bed is cold when I’m by myself.

I wonder if he’d notice if a dog had slept in the bed. Or two dogs. I wonder.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.. 

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Going Nuts.

Am I the only one who can’t see my right-side-bar?

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I Have Nothing to Prove

In an email today: My wife and I watched American Idol – Birmingham last night and thought of you. Although we haven’t heard you sing, I’m sure you could make it through the first round. That, my friends, is CONFIDENCE.

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The “S” Word

Everyone is saying it.  The news actually did THE leading story last night about what the city does when it’s expected. (Complete with fake flakes.) I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find bread and milk in the stores.

That’s right, people.. Huntsville is whispering the “s” word.

Snow.  Sleet.  School closings.

Now, what tickled me is that, just minutes after that story about emergency road closings and school evacuations and downed-power lines finished, the weather man come on and said, “Well, we’re just looking at some traffic problems in the early morning.  This isn’t really the kind of “snow” your kids can go play in.  We just think traffic will be an issue, and even then, it should clear by nine a.m.”

But you can still bet the city will be in an uproar.

The last time I remember it snowing.. and I mean, REALLY snowing.. was 1996.  Eleven years ago.  I remember there being large drifts out in my backyard, and hearing that the juniors and seniors still had to meet for rehearsal. (It was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers that year.) The city was a mess for almost a week.  Good times.

I wouldn’t mind a good snow.  I’m not sure Charlie has ever SEEN snow.  It would be nice to be holed up in my house for a few days with just my dogs (and cats.. I guess) with a blanket and our Book Club selection.  I say this because we went to Costco on Sunday and are stocked on almost everything.

::gasp:: Except wine!  I forgot wine.

So while everyone is pushing and shoving to get milk and bread, I’ll look like the eternal bachelorette, heading straight for the merlot.

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I just realized, mid-sentence, that I had forgotten to put deoderant on today.  Sucks.

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