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She Changed Me

“I wanted a perfect ending.
Now I’ve learned, the hard way,
that some poems don’t rhyme,
and some stories don’t have
a clear beginning, middle, and end.
Life is about not knowing,
having to change,
taking the moment
and making the best of it,
without knowing what’s going to happen next.”
– Gilda Radner


Don’t have anything important to say; just really wanted to share a great quote from one of the great ladies.

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Spooky, Scary Stuff (now with alliteration!)

“Charlie Brown is the one guy I could relate to.
Charlie Brown is such a loser,
he wasn’t even the star of his own Halloween special.”
– Chris Rock



I am a caterer-ass-kicking-witch this year for Halloween.  Go me!

So, in celebration of the holiday, I watched “Hostel” last night.  By myself.  Home alone.  With the lights off.  And for the most part, I was fine.  It was an expertly shot film, with far less gore than I was expecting.  The media buzz circling the movie made me expect so much more blood, but it was shot well enough that you didn’t NEED it. (And those movies, my lovelies, are the scariest movies, because your imagination is so much more frightening than any visual.) There was one moment, towards the end of the movie, that really did make me climb up on my couch into a little ball, but those are the moments I live for.  Bryan came home to find me on the couch with three animals on me, as if this breathing quilt of fur would protect me from the evils of backpacking eastern Europe.

Apparently we have an openly gay candidate running for public office in Alabama.  Why did I not know this UNTIL it was used as ammo in a political radio spot?  The only reason I can gather that it HASN’T been revealed here is because the gay candidate is running for a local seat somewhere else, so there are no ads targeting him/her here.  Except that any candidate who backs the gay candidate is immediately labeled “Too Liberal for Alabama“, which in all honesty, means “Sarah should vote for this person”.

And Alabama again made national news.  I love it when that happens.  I’m sure you’re thinking it’s because of our awesome educational standards and our decreasing unemployment rate.  Or maybe it’s because of our racial tolerance and religious diversity.  But, to our chagrin, we made national news because a 19 year old in Marshall county raped his own mother.  Why?  Because he and his brother got into an argument and he wanted revenge, so the logical thing to do was get his mother drunk and hold her down “until he was finished”.  Yes, that’s a direct quote from the police report.

Another awesome Alabama note is that John Mark Karr is back in his hometown.  Trick-or-Treat!

Speaking of, the local news last night gave some trick-or-treating hints that will help children remain safe this holiday.  Number one, of course, was to make sure your child’s view isn’t obstructed by their costume.  Number four?  Children should be accompanied by an adult.  NUMBER FOUR?!  Really?! Has parenting really gotten so lazy, with the news already carrying stories about John Mark Karr and ole-Mother-Fucker up there, that you feel comfortable sticking a hood over your child and sending them out into the world on their own?

Fear not, parents of Alabama; the law enforcement will be there.  That’s right; while it’s still completely legal for convicted sex offenders to offer your child candy, police will be making random spot checks to their registered addresses.  Which, for most of those sex offenders, will be the first time a policeman has verified that they actually live there.  And you can probably take heart that the sex offenders will, at the very least, offer up the full size candy bars.

So there ya go: some stuff that is far scarier than backpacking in Eastern Europe.  And, lucky you, right outside your front door.

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Very Odd Combination

So, this post will probably change it, but I wanted to document that, right now, the Ads by Google on the left hand side of your screen benefit The Anvil Tree.  The ads are related to whatever key words Google finds in the content on the page.  Right now, oddly enough, the following are listed:

  • Marriage Abuse
  • Relationships
  • Marriage Save
  • John Kerry



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Monday, Monday..

“I knew what I had to do and
I made myself this solemn vow:
I was going to be a lady someday,
though I didn’t know when or how.
But I couldn’t see spending the rest of my life
with my head hung down in shame..
I might have been born just plain white trash,
but Fancy was my name.”
– Fancy
, Reba McIntire


I was listening to our Vagina Monologues mix from last year on the drive in this morning, and was jamming to some “Fancy”.  It justifies using your feminine wiles to get somewhere in life, so I’m all about it.

We had a lovely family weekend.  Friday night was spent at basketball practice and learning the Dr. Seuss trivia game (thanks, Laura K!!), and Saturday, I scoured the house while the boys went to soccer.  When everyone was home, the annual Halloween festivities began.  It was so cool to watch The Boy’s eyes light up as we pulled out the decorations, and he had so much fun deciding where things should go.  We worked for a couple of hours, transforming the house into a creepy lair, then we went and got a pumpkin to carve (and a few more decorations).  After carving a one-of-a-kind Jack O Lantern (ha!), we all walked to the Po Boy Factory for dinner.  We came back after sunset, and LOVED walking up to our well-lit house.  It was so cool. 

After that, we watched “Nanny McPhee”, one of the MOST entertaining children’s movies I’ve seen in a long time.  Visually stunning, very clever, and smartly crafted, it was a total joy to watch.  And I cried at the end, because there was a wedding.  I promised I would never be THAT girl.. but alas..

Sunday was fairly uneventful other than 1) I got a new purse and 2) I got my hair cut.  And I don’t mean I got my hair trimmed.. oh, no, it’s chopped.  Gone.  There is very little left.  I have phantom hair moments, where I will try and flip my hair over my shoulder, but it’s gone.  She cut it much shorter than I anticipated it being, but she lucked out that my motto for years has been, “It’s hair; it will grow back.”  Because it will, and everyone today has told me how precious my hair is and how it always looks amazing no matter how I wear it.

(Admittedly, I feel very naked with it gone.  But it gives Bryan an excuse to kiss my neck.)

Again, a reminder: this Wednesday, come see Hands Across the Sea at Lee High.  Only an hour of your time (the show cannot run longer than 45 minutes total, or else it’s disqualified), and the kids will greatly appreciate it.  Bryan says he’s pleased with how it’s progressing, but we all know what a different life a show will take on when it’s got people watching it.

This week begins Sarah’s transformation.  I cleaned house, reorganized my closet, got my hair chopped off, and am ready for the season ahead.  I will religiously diet and exercise this week, and I will stay on-task and efficient at work.

This is my goal, anyhow.


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Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.
Lee High School
Hands Across the Sea

The kids need an audience, especially an audience who loves theatre and supports it as a necessity in education.

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