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More will follow tomorrow, but I finally caught on tonight that a wedding can be fun to plan if you share it with other people.

I’m an incredibly lucky person.

Even if I’m low-tone and carry the mark of the tard.

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For Ra

I mean, truly, anyone can enjoy it.  And once you watch, you’ll be hooked.

Ronda.. it’s time.

Let the booty shaking begin.  Beware, Huntsville.. oh, beware.

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You know you’ll read it.

Beverly Cleary turned 90 today.  Isn’t that amazing?  I read all of the Ramona books when I was younger, but somehow her name had crept to the very back of my mind.  And when I heard that little tidbit today, followed by several engineering “Who?!”s, it just came speeding back to me.  I loved her stuff.

We watched “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” last night.  Eh.  Beautiful people, but I wanted one of them to die.  I just didn’t think it was too clever, too witty, too suspenseful.. too anything, really.  Just two hours of my life, devoted to watching two beautiful people.  I mean, hell, I got that out of America’s Next Top Model’s season finale.

(Which, by the way, totally rocked.  That runway was A-MAY-ZING.)

One of the ladies here just dropped off a shirt for me.  She had purchased it for herself, but she said it came down too low for her to wear respectably.  My favorite is that she told me, “You can’t wear this to work, Sarah,”.. as if to say, “Like all of that slutty office-wear you already own.”  But I really didn’t take any offense to it.  My summer wardrobe IS a bit on-the-fence.  I’m working on it.  My favorite part?  She’s obviously worn this shirt once, because it smells like her.  A very distinct fragrance.

I’m big on how people smell.  I can tell when Bryan’s been on the baseball infield, or when The Boy used play-doh that day.. I notice things like that.  I can tell when Debbie’s been in a room in the last week, or when PJ has surprised me at a show.  Everyone has their own smell.  That’s why I’m so big on bath products, I think.. I like having layers of scents.  Waffle Cone bubble bath, honey and jasmine body lotion, Pink Sugar perfume.  Layers.

Completely random and useless thoughts, by Sarah Brown.

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