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“so.. what’re you doing this weekend?”

that’s my friend at work, asking me. and i hate my answer, because eventually, i’m gonna hang out with her. eventually, i’m gonna be like, “hey, i’ve got a free calendar this weekend.. you wanna go shopping?” because normal people say that.

instead, i had to say, “well, i’ve got a rehearsal tomorrow morning, then a baseball game, and then i’m ushering aladdin. sunday, we’ve got a birthday party that afternoon, and then i start my tech week.”


but, it’s been okay. busy, but okay. the rain has moved in, and doesn’t look like we’ll get a break anytime soon. which is fine.. i’ll totally appreciate it tomorrow morning, when we’re sleeping in.

in other news, i’ll be playing mayzie in hcca’s “seussical” this summer. i’m excited because i’ve hit my theatrical peak.. i finally have an entire song dedicated to my ass. i think this is what i’ve been working for all my many years.

aladdin was fun. costumes were AMAZING. the ladies in waiting were hysterical (the crying scene tickled me) and the soldiers were fun. i also liked the fat guy. and the bad guy. the bad guy was pretty awesome. would’ve been better in rollerblades, though. and everyone told me i’ve lost weight, so that alone was worth the trip.

i’m trying to find some zen before we head in tomorrow night. i just.. well, to use a quaint phrase, my giveadamn’s busted. i’m tired of fighting everyone (and myself) to keep things in line.

remember when eight o’clock on a saturday night was when you’d be getting ready to go out?

i’m about to get ready for bed. 🙂

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Seinfeld in FL

So I was the only one who I thought lived in a constant Seinfeld episode.

Until yesterday.

We were at my celebratory luncheon yesterday, with a few of my guys around, and we were chatting about (what else?) food.  One of the guys got to talking about crawfish (which I can TOTALLY get in on), and one of the other guys brought up lobsters.  “Mmmm,” I said, “.. looobster.”

“I don’t eat lobster anymore,” he said.  I found this outrageous.  Thought ole Mary Tyler Moore and her activism had taken another lobster lover to PETA.  Well, I thought.. more lobster for me.

But I still asked.  “Why?”

And he told this story that even I couldn’t believe.

While visiting in Daytona for a business trip, he was taken a hoity-toity restaraunt.  Everyone was raving about the live Maine lobster there, so that’s what he chose as well.  As I’ve seen done, they brought him the live lobster to see if he approved.  This kinda weirded him out, so without even really inspecting the bug, he said, “Sure, just get it away from me.”

Once he approved the lobster, the server then ripped the tail off of the lobster (at the table!!) and plopped the writhing abdomen next to his plate.  He then left with the tail for it to be cooked.

So all around this table of 12 or so people, there are writhing half-lobsters.  Wiggling.  Dying.

He said it was the most surreal thing he’d ever seen.  And when they finally brought the cooked entree, the lobster was STILL moving.  It severely weirded him out.

And quite honestly, it was one of the more surreal things I’d ever HEARD.  And as much as I love seafood, it may have cured me of my addiction as well.

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The Green Eyed Monster

It always happens when I get frustrated.

I’ve been bitching an awful lot on here lately.  I apologize.  It’s just been a rough few weeks.  I mean, there was that AMAZING three day weekend highlight where I got my sparkly, but that was truly a beacon in an otherwise miserably cloudy sky.

When I get frustrated, I find myself envying.  EVERYONE.  And yes, I try all that shakra shit where you count your blessings and find contentment in what you have, but MAN, that usually just pisses me off more.  I can find something to envy in EVERYONE, if I let myself. 

So I’m trying to keep that in check.  I’m just very frustrated.  And so I’m envying.

I’m envying those in my cast who really DON’T care.  How do they do that?  Where can I sign up for that apathy?

I’m envying those who have decent, running cars.  Especially if they were gifts.

I’m envying those who have the family wealth to make mistakes.

I’m trying to turn this into drive.  I’m trying to be motivated.  I really am.  I really am trying to better our situation and work hard and be the GREAT person that I am in my head.  (The person in my head is also a size 4, so I’m trying to be that too.) And I think I’m outwardly succeeding.

Last night really just pushed me over the edge.  The cast asked for an emergency rehearsal.  I obliged.  Some of us already had plans, but we made do and showed up.  And the one cast member who is leagues behind announces that he can only stay for an hour.  Um, where was this info the night before, when we were rescheduling our Thursday plans to be here?  Another cast member announces that she can’t be there Sunday night (OF TECH WEEK) because she has to work Panoply.  Um, they’re going to be rained out anyway, and JESUSGOD, it’s tech week!

Terri and I just looked at eachother.  We had stopped even throwing our hands up weeks ago.  Now it was almost humorous.

Speaking of humorous, I have an amazingly surreal story to post later.  And so I’ll end this dry rant.

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It’s MY stapler..

Current office pet peeve:

People who leave their cell phones on “LOUD” volume and walk away.  Or even better, what spawned this, when they screen their calls.. at their desks.. with their volume on “LOUD”.

What’s your office pet peeve?

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I hate this day.  Every year, I dread this day.

Because, you know, it’s not why we do it.  We do our jobs because they pay us.  We don’t expect a day to celebrate us.  We don’t need a day to appreciate us.  We’re quite content to do our work and make things run smoothly.

But, whether or not I hate it, today is Administrative Professional’s Day.  Or, as you may otherwise know it, Secretary’s Day. 

See, here’s the thing.  Admins are the ones that keep up with holidays.  We’re the ones that send out birthday reminders, keep up with important deadlines, and know when that guy’s wife is due to deliver their first baby.  That’s our job.  It’s what we do.

So no one really REMEMBERS APD/SD.  Because the AP doesn’t want to remind them. 

Because, AGAIN, it’s so not important.  It’s not something that will make or break our work ethic.  We’re here, working, regardless of today’s significance.

But when you have to sit in an office and “man the fort” while all the other Admins are taken out to lunch.. everyone asks, “Why are they all out to lunch together?”  And you have to respond.. well, it’s APDay.  And then they look at you, half-pitying, and say, “Well.. aren’t you included?”

OF COURSE I’m included.  But I don’t see a need to avoid work in order to celebrate some frivolous holiday just because..


(In other news, my APDay is tomorrow.  I’m secretly excited about it.)

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