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if dane only knew..

sarah is home sick today. in her absence, enjoy a story from last night.

last night, we were determined to have a calm, relaxed night. bryan typically has been getting in around 10 throughout the week, so the idea of an early bedtime was very appealing. after a fun family night with the boy, and a short jaunt the the green to drop him off, we finally got home around 7:45. we made an agreement: in bed and asleep by 9:30. (because, obviously, we’re losers.)

around 8:00, a noise went streaming down our street that was similar to that of standing on an airport runway when a jet is warming up its engines. it was LOUD. and when i finally got bryan to mute the tv, we saw a cop car FLYING down our street. then we heard a LOUD noise.

we looked at eachother. and then, in a bitterhouse fashion, we ran out the front door.

as dane cook always said, “shoes? fuck shoes.”

we stayed our front porch, because the cop was out of his car in a band of light, and we suddenly became very aware of a footchase happening in our neighborhood. then, reality hit and we got our happy asses back inside, locked the doors, and thanked god we still had charlie.

we crammed ourselves on the couch in front of the window, watching the drama unfold just three houses down. our view was obstructed, however, by bushes and darkness. so after seeing three more cop cars drive by, and our curiosity growing with each arriving cop car, we finally made a plan.

we were going out.

he agreed that he would drive, his car being less noticeable. he ran out to the car and cranked it up, and i totally blew our nonchalant cool cover by running to the driver’s side and starting to get in.. when clearly, there was already a driver. i could’ve died of shame; i will NEVER be a successful spy with this mistake on my record.

so with both of us seat-belted in, and our man-eating dog keeping watch on the couch inside, we took off. we drove around the scene FOUR times, from all different angles.

from the best of our estimation, there was a car that was stolen. it was a NIIIIICE car, a black mercedes sedan. but, we think, a cop spotted them and a high speed chase ensued. down our street. and it stopped when the sedan became wrapped around something, then ricoched off into the yard where it was laying.

we watched the news on three different stations, but saw nothing to inform of us of the actual events. and our plan of going to bed before ten? didn’t happen.

the end

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