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wit’s end

so i’m running around, trying in vain to clean this house before people get here.

i’m lighting candles, dusting, sweeping, doing dishes, and wondering why it feels like i have kids.

then, out of NOWHERE, there’s a dog fight. mabel’s screaming. no blood, but jesus..

why is he doing this?

he’s got to go.

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Hairy Sarah

There is some crazy shit happening with my hair this morning.

So, a little humbling moment for Sarah happened last night.  I feel compelled to share these things with you so you don’t idol me to the point of wanting to kill yourselves.  I think it’s important for you to keep in mind that I am, indeed, a mere mortal like yourself.  Bryan and I were cuddling in bed last night, having just crawled in.  He was trying to be gentle, after my back exploding from the self-warming massage oil fiasco of January ’06 (Bryan quipped, "Must have been made with Holy Water,"), and I asked, "Bryan, why are you wearing socks in bed?"

He said, "I don’t have any socks on."

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, the reason I believed Bryan was wearing socks?  Because I hadn’t shaved my legs in so long, I couldn’t actually feel his feet through the hair on my legs.  I took care of it this morning, but damn.. I never realized how busy I am until I realized that making time to shave my legs had moved to the back of the priority list. 

Remember being OCD about being hairless?  I do.  I remember it being near the top of the list.  Eyebrows tweezed, legs shaved, other areas.. neatly trimmed.. ah, the days before a live-in boyfriend.  What kind of crap
was that?

I hear VM went swimmingly last night.  Lezlie actually called me to brag on the ladies and well they did.  I can’t wait for tonight.  Although we’ve got a key player missing tonight, it will be fun.

Today, I’ve got a to-do list a mile long.  Part of it includes mailing out these PartyLite invites.  If you read this, you’re getting one, most likely.  I’m supposed to invite 35 people.  I’d like people to show up, but as long as I follow the directions and "invite 35 people", I don’t really care what else happens.  To be honest, I’m still kinda perturbed about having to throw a candle party.

All VM ladies will be getting an email about it, no question.  I think we should get as many loud-mouthed liberals in a room together as we can.  We could freak the candle lady out.

I would just like to take a moment right here to brag about my fiance.  He is truly all I could’ve wished for in a guy.  He keeps a schedule that I thought most men would gawk at, and he does it without complaining.  He’s working two jobs right now (and the full-time job includes weeknights and Saturdays, unpaid, because it’s what we both believe in), he’s amazing with his son, and he always finds little ways to make me happy.  Granted, he does strange things like eat mashed-up-biscuits with butter and caro syrup (which is making me gag as I write it), but he makes me very happy.

Mainly, because he doesn’t care if my legs are unshaved.  Or he’s smart enough to shut his trap about it and hope for better.
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