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Admit it.

Face it, you’re as bored as I am.  Or you wouldn’t be here.

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Catching up

Want to exhaust yourself?

Watch a 5 year old play basketball.

On top of them having more energy than God himself even imagined, they are barely of an age where they can control any two limbs simultaneously.  It’s like watching half-comatose midgets just randomly flail across the court in the hopes that the ball will magically make its way to the net.  Don’t get me wrong.. there are a few kids that are AWESOME with coordination, and watching them is like watching condensed NBA players go at it.  And every kid has his moment in the sun, where they are amazing.

But man, as a general rule, it is DRAINING watching.  You cheer louder than you would at a football game, and it’s usually painfully obvious things that you’re yelling, like, "WATCH THE BALL!" and "CATCH THE BALL!!" and "DON’T THROW IT TO THE OTHER TEAM!! 

Yep, it’s tiring.

So we’re getting some veterinary help with Charlie.  Sarah Lena Brown – Lloyd just happens to have connections to the 10th best vet in the nation.  How cool am I?  Yesterday, emailing with Jason Robert Brown.  Today, conferring with the 10th best vet in the nation.

Pin a rose on my nose.

I wish I had something worthwhile to talk about.  Most of my fodder comes from tv and reality shows and whatnot, but I haven’t turned the tv on (other than to watch the news) in almost a week.  It’s really been ridiculous.  And this weekend, we’ve got The Boy, which means I will base my observations on Power Rangers and Spongebob.

Speaking of which, my new favorite phrase is a Boy-ism: "a blinkin’ eye"

As in, "And then, in a blinkin’ eye, you guys will be married."

There are moments when I actually feel a blink of maternal instinct. 
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