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But what is his stance on gun control?

Why, sometimes, I regret not moving to Minnesota when I had the chance..


Strange question.. does he not strangely resemble Jerry with long hair?

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I’m here, I’m here, I promise..



This morning is one of those mornings where I’m exhausted in every aspect of the word, it’s thundering and pouring outside, and all I can think is, “I’ve got over two days of vacation built up, a day of sick leave, and probably will work enough overtime to stay home.”  However, being the great adult that I am, I got my happy ass out of bed and hit the shower.


(Then crawled back in, immediately after, to cuddle and sleep for another half hour.)


I’ve been a bad blogger this week, and I feel the need to apologize.  There’s been a lot of happenings offline, and not all of them are appropriate for public knowledge yet.  Yet.  I’ll fill y’all in shortly, because it’s very HAPPY news, and I really am excited about it.  But, because I knew I’d have to hold my tongue, I found it easier to remain quiet.  Today I’m going to try and post something of substance.


I am a very lucky woman.  Yesterday.. well, this week.. has been stressful in my house.  I’ve hinted around that already.  Yesterday morning, Bryan and I had a little tiff.  It really was inconsequential, in the grand scheme of life.. just one of those little snippy arguments you have when both of you are overtired and overwhelmed.  He had a longer night than I did, and I was already asleep when he wandered in.  He tiptoed into the bedroom, gently stirred me, and produced a King-Sized 3 Muskateers bar.  Why, yes, ladies and gentlemen.. I am loved.


Also, as a sidenote, Sarah is having a candle-party at her house on Jan. 28th.  More formal invites will be mailed, but if you’re interested in coming and want to definitely be included, leave me a note.  If you can’t make it on the 28th.. we also have the 11th available, as well as a later date to yet be determined.  (We will NEVER roll the dice again, will we ladies?)


Glad Steph has moved back to Xanga.  I missed BB.


If I can just get through today..
*EDIT* Keep an eye on our wedding web page (to your left, in the Blog Posse), as there may be changes looming on the horizon.  There may NOT be.. maybe.. anyway..
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