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What Sarah Wants

  • a bag of money
  • a rub down tonight
  • homemade Grandma Comer’s biscuits
  • artichoke bruscetta
  • calamari from Carrabas
  • a night outside of Huntsville
  • strength
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I Haven’t Forgotten You

Sorry, guys.  I haven’t forgotten you.  It’s just been a busy day over here.

So last night was a lot of fun, and extremely painless.  Lezlie and I saw eye-to-eye on most every decision we both felt strongly about, so it was over and done with rather quickly.  Then we had the fun job of calling everyone and telling them.  Everyone seems very psyched, which definitely makes me excited.  And I love that we’re having rehearsals at homes.  That just makes it feel friendly.

My house is nuts this week.  Quite literally, I see Bryan for an hour a day.  We both are running crazy schedules, and we stay awake as long as we can just to spend time together.  Unfortunately, I’m notorious for falling asleep in the middle of a conversation.  Pregnant pause?  I’m out.  So there either has to be a constant stream of chatter (which happens for a little while), or Sarah’s sawing logs while Bryan took a moment to swallow his saliva.

I am coming to the conclusion that I’m at a point in my life where I will have to carry around a pad of paper and writing utensil, everywhere I go.  There is not five minutes to pass by peacefully, where I haven’t come up with some "to do" or "when I think about it next" or SOMETHING.  Craziness.  Which is kinda nice.. really.. I feel on top of things.

Today is "Penguin Awareness Day".  I think everyone should celebrate by renting "March of the Penguins."  The Boy received it for Christmas, and we had a voicemail one day, with a nutshell review from him: "Hi, it’s [The Boy].  We watched the penguin movie.  Two died, and one got eaten.  Bye."  Ah, succinct.  A child to be proud of.

I’m ready to have a night with the family tonight.  It’s nice to eat dinner together and talk about our days.

So I have a slight rant I have to let out.  Today, I made the mistake of listening to morning radio.  And you know how I feel about radio in general.. having done it.  Because of this, I typically stay away from any morning radio show.  Mojo, of WZYP, in particular.  Not only do I feel he’s WEEKS behind in radio fodder, but this morning, he really got on my nerves.  I have to share it with you.

When you do radio, you have a myriad of tools at your disposal.  Behind the scenes fact: most djs are not vastly intelligent people.  Most DJs are not amazingly humorous people.  Most DJs simply take the faxes off of the fax machine that have jokes written on them, that have news stories printed on them, and they read them on the air.  This is called "show prep."  It’s FOOL-PROOF.

Add to that this new-fangled technology called "the internet", and BOOM!, instant research and show-prep.

So today, Mojo and his two other people start talking about "Dancing with the Stars", this "new" show that Mojo caught on tv the other night. (See #1 problem Sarah has with Mojo.  This show was a phenomenon A YEAR AGO.) Thru just ordinary, on-air banter, they bring up what I’m dying to see, "Celebrities on Ice".. the new ice-skating show.  And they can’t name A SINGLE PERSON ON IT.  I can name three, just from the commericials.

So here’s my thing.  During your five minute commercial break, most morning show hosts will say, "Hey, I wanna talk about these new celebrity shows that ‘teach’ them a new trick, like Dancing with the Stars or that ice-skating show."  And then SOMEONE will do some research regarding the shows,
so that they have something "in the know" to talk about

Instead, they all just were like, "Yeah, that sounds cool.  Wonder who’s on it."

I had to turn it off.  When I run the world..
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