Archive | January 10, 2006


Argh.  We’re in training today.  And honestly, a class that could’ve concluded in three hours is taking eight.  Sweet.

It’s killing me.  A slow, painful, terrible death.

There is wine tonight, though, on the upside.  Lezlie and I are casting VM and working to make sure that things are going to run smoothly.  And of course, we’re gonna do that over wine.  Why be sober?

Had odd dreams last night, dreams that really shook me.  I dreamed that I called off the wedding.  Granted, it was a different groom and things were WAAAY different, but I dreamed that I just said, "Stop.  I don’t want to do this."

And I felt worlds better.

Now I’m very confused.  I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fiiiiiiine.

Stress does weird things to me.

Another four hours to go.
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