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Why has Sarah passed out?

.. because she realized that a low-carb diet simply WILL not work, leading up to a wedding.

WHY NOT? you may ask.

Because, it is inevitable that you will, at some point, attend a bridal gala (like I did today), and have three thousand samples of cakes, cookies, and chocolate fondue-fountain-covered goodies shoved in your face.

And although I did well today and managed to not eat but ONE sliver of cake, it did occurr to me that I can’t pick out the cake that I want without actually trying any.

Damn bridal Catch 22s.

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random thought: how often is tap dogs going to visit huntsville? it’s almost as annual as christmas carol. and about as entertaining.

anyway, this weekend has been amazing. don’t tell anyone, because i’ve managed to barely contain my joy. this weekend is just one of the first times i’ve felt.. normal.

friday night hit me with a very sudden, very drastic flu, where i was down and out of the count with a fever of 102. although i was scheduled to sing that night at “martini’s & more” (that’s for e), my illness fell so rapidly that i had no indication it would get better. but bryan knew exactly what it was.. “you had gotten so stressed that your body just said, ‘fuck you’, and stopped working.” it’s amazing how well the man knows me.

this week, i had WORST craving for bitterhouse things. i didn’t know why; i figured i had just let life overwhelm me so much that i was longing for a comfort zone. this weekend, i remembered why the bitterhouse was a comfort zone.. two incredibly strong women lived there. two women who will always, ALWAYS take care of one another, without judgement or prejudice, and are strong enough to laugh at life. for good, baby.

yesterday, i had slept off most of my fever (thanks to bryan and the boy for excusing me from the game so i could sleep for a few more hours), and we headed down to jasper for time with bryan’s families. we got lots of good christmas presents (the boy made out like a bandit!), and i had the best time with the comers and duttons.

while everyone else was scurrying about (i learned early on that, at this point, staying out of the way is the best thing i can do), bryan’s mother came into the room. “i want you to know how happy we are to have you in the family,” she said with tears in her eyes. “i can’t remember the last time we’ve seen bryan this happy. he’s been living in denial for so long.. but now, he’s really and truly happy. and we want you to be happy, too. so if you guys need ANYTHING, you know where we are. please call us.”

and that was the best present i could’ve gotten.

we all sang together, as a family, on the ride home.. which meant more to me than probably anyone realized. that brought back happy memories of long car rides when i was a child, and we’d all sing along to elton john, billy joel, or crosby, stills, nash & young. times have changed somewhat, though.. although we still sang to elton john, maroon 5 had a very large part in our music collection.

and now, i’m sitting here with the boy in the bathtub, splashing happily.. bryan is cooking pancakes, which smell far too heavenly for my low-carb tastes.. the dogs are wrestling contently in front of me.. and it feels like a house. like routine. like home.

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